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E2 victory for Alex Walton at 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship Round 2 Day one – Report & Results

E2 victory for Alex Walton at 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship Round 2 Day one – Report & Results

In Santa Marta de Penaguiao, under a beautiful sun, 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship Round 2# kicked off. Day 1 of the Eleveit Round 2# turned out to be up to the event, both its 45 km transfer and the three special tests challenged the registered riders.

Report and Images by Borilli Enduro European Championship

On time at nine o’clock Youth riders left the paddock for the first of three and a half laps scheduled for today. Waiting for them was the 24MX Extreme Test; the naturally extreme track, with its stones and rocks, required precision and attention to detail to be performed at its best. The Eleveit Enduro Test, with its 4 km of test arranged along a hill, was the second test today, while the end of the lap was the Airoh Cross Test with its track within a dense pine forest.

Matej Skuta topped in all the three special tests, after the missing victory in Fabriano, the Czechoslovak rider managed to end the day with the best time ever. Without serious mistakes he well juggled three corners of all the tests, confirming his advantage as the race took place. Second step of the podium for Frenchman Diego Haution, who together with his Sherco managed to maintain a good race pace in all tests. David Abgrall, former European champion 2022, brought out his full potential and, despite a small fall in the second round, managed to finish third overall.

Matej Skuta: “I’m happy with my race, although the tests were really fast and in my opinion maybe even a little dangerous, I managed to make good times. I didn’t make any mistakes and tomorrow I want to win again.”

Diego Haution: “I’m happy with my speed, I fought all day with Matej and David for the win, in the end I finished second. Tomorrow we are aiming for the first position.”

David Abgrall: “Despite a mistake on the second lap I managed to do well. After the fall I tried to make up for lost time and eventually went up to the third absolute position.”

In the Youth class the Frenchman Romain Dagna won; together with his Sherco 125 he showed off his best ride. Luca Colorio finished second, a positive day for the italian who managed to put behind his compatriot Davide Mei, who got on the podium for the first time. Third victory in a row for Riccardo Fabris in Junior 1, the Italian confirmed his state of form and relegated the Polish rider Dawid Babicz to second position. Nicola Paolucci closed the class podium, despite some mistakes he still managed to close third in class, climbing for the first time on the continental podium. Matej Skuta took home a second gold, that of the Junior 2 Class; the overall victory also allowed him to win his own class. Second place for second overall Diego Haution as Quentin Tournier made the third step of the podium his own.

Third consecutive success also for Andrea Beier, the German dominated again in the Enduro 1 class, confirming himself as the championship leader. Second position for Polish rider Aleksander Bracik while third place was Patrick Irmscher’s prerogative. Alex Walton took the first Enduro 2’s victory, the Englishman, immune to penalties, climbed to the top step of the podium, relegating Yann Dupic and championship leader Killian Irigoyen to second and third position. In the Enduro 3 class, David Abgrall won for the first time, behind him the reigning champion 2022 Dietger Damiaens and Gabriel Chetnicki.

The third success in a row also arrived for Maurizio Micheluz, the Italian rider won again in the Senior class, conquering the first position ahead of the German Nico Rambow and André Decker. Vilde Marie Holt topped the Women Class, the Norwegian took home the second victory of this 2023, runner up position for Joana Goncalves, ahead of championship leader Tanja Schlosser. In the Trade Team Class the reigning champion, as well as championship leader also in this 2023, Diligenti Racing (David Abgrall, Luca Colorio, Davide Mei and Maurizio Micheluz), won the day second step of the podium for Team KTM Novi Korona (Matej Skuta, Kalny Jaroslav and Aleksander Bracik). The Team Sweden Enduro (Lucas Bergstrom, Gustav Mahler and Franz Lofquist) closed the podium.

In the Eleveit Enduro Test Trophy the winner today was the Frenchman Diego Haution, perfectly comfortable between the test corners he has always managed to read it correctly and make the best time. Diego also proved to be the best interpreter of the Airoh Cross Test, also winning the day of the trophy of the same name.

Tomorrow morning at 9 am the Eleveit Round 2# Day 2 is kicking off at 9:00 am; the Eleveit Enduro Test has undergone a small change to make the track safer for riders. Continue to follow us on our social pages and on the official championship website so you don’t miss any updates on the race and the championship.

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