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Day two of the 2023 ISDE is in the books for Team GB – Report & Pictures

Day two of the 2023 ISDE is in the books for Team GB – Report & Pictures

GTCI Team GB have just completed Day 2 of the 2023 ISDE in Argentina, which means a new loop and three new tests today on day three!

Words and Images courtesy of ACU British ISDE Team – Tilde Tighe and brought to you by LaserMaster

The heat was just as oppressive today as it was yesterday, but the riders had the slight advantage of knowing what the tests would be like as they rode them yesterday. The team was also able to fine-tune their support services too, meaning that the riders were able to cool down better today at time checks and after special tests. The transfers between tests and checks were shortened too by 15 miles overall, meaning that riders had more time at checks to hydrate and eat better to avoid any more illnesses caused by the heat.

The Men’s Trophy Team hold onto their second place overall, with Nathan Watson and Jamie McCanney finishing fourth and sixth overall respectively! Nathan had an outstanding day, finishing the day off with a 3rd place in test six! Jamie also had some great results, with a number of 6th and 7th place finishes in the World Trophy class. Jed Etchells and Alex Snow both struggled slightly more with the heat today but still put in great rides to finish 9th and 18th overall respectively.

Nieve Holmes placed 8th in every test today, except the final test where she finished 7th, to finish 8th overall in the Women’s class amongst some very strong teams. She is looking to move up the ranks as the days go on and achieve a strong individual result. Libby Tett was unable to start Day 2 due to illness caused by yesterday’s heat and she spent the night in hospital receiving treatment. She is back with the team now recovering and has joined Emily in cheering on Nieve and the boys.

The Juniors, despite Charlie Chater being hugely under the weather, have moved up to fourth place overall as they get into the swing of the event! Charlie has struggled to keep anything down all day but soldiered on and completed every test- some of them pretty fast too! The team are extremely proud of Charlie for the sheer determination he has shown today in the such brutal conditions, made worse by his sickness. Max Ingham secured a 10th place finish in the Junior class after some impressive results including finishing 8th in test one and 9th in test three. Harry Edmondson has also had a great day, finishing 16th overall and helping the team move up the ranks to fourth place. That podium finish is definitely in sight!

The team would like to make a special shoutout to everyone at the time checks and back at the paddock/in the kitchen for their dedication to getting the riders what they need even in the heat and stress of it all! They are the heart of Team GB and all the riders are incredibly grateful for their support.

Everyone in the team is looking forward to two hopefully cooler days and new special tests to tackle tomorrow! We are a third of the way through the event and it has not been easy by any means, but we are determined to finish and prove to the world how strong British riders are.


World Trophy- P2 Overall
Nathan Watson- P3 E2, P4 Overall
Jamie McCanney- P6 E2, P7 Overall
Jed Etchells- P4 E1, P13 Overall
Alex Snow- P13 E2, P23 Overall

Junior World Trophy- P4 Overall
Max Ingham- P10 Overall
Harry Edmondson- P16 Overall
Charlie Chater- P26 Overall

Women’s World Trophy
Nieve Holmes- P8 Overall

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