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Day five of the 2023 ISDE in the books for Team GB – Report

Day five of the 2023 ISDE in the books for Team GB – Report

The end of Day 5 of the 2023 ISDE in Argentina means the end of the enduro portion of the ISDE, with only the final motocross test to go tomorrow! Thank you to J.H. Plant and HMi Elements for sponsoring Day 5.

Race Report and Images by ACU British ISDE Team & Tilde Tighe and presented by HMi Elements & JH Plant Ltd Hire and Sales

It was a brutal day for all today as temperatures reached the mid-30s again, but everyone pushed on to finish! The tests were tough with all eyes on Test 2, made up of some river crossings and plenty of stones before and after them. Riders commented that it was hard to find a line on the stones and the whole support team was out in full force to point out lines through the water to avoid drowning their bikes!

Great Britain Men’s Trophy Team retain third place after Day 5! The boys placed third today, with Spain and Italy both out after losing riders to the deep water of the second test! Kevin Cristino (Italy) flooded his bike on the second test of the day, counting Italy out, as did Jaume Betriu (Spain) Nathan had some great test results, his highest being 5th, as did Jamie McCanney with a 6th place finish. It’s all to play for tomorrow in the final motocross test!

Nieve Holmes did well despite struggling in the heat to finish 8th in the Women’s World Trophy class. She is currently lying 8th overall and is excited for Day 6 to try and make up a few places.

Harry Edmondson and Max Ingham were close all day, finishing 9th and 10th in Junior and 31st and 32nd overall with just 0.7 seconds between them! They had some great rides but, like most riders, were just trying to preserve their bikes and make it to the Day 5 finish line.

Onto the final day tomorrow where we will need everyone’s support to make sure we are on the podium! Head to the FIM MOTO TV website for details about the livestream of the final MX test.


World Trophy
Nathan Watson- P3 E2, P7 WT, P8 OA
Jamie McCanney- P6 E2, P9 WT, P10 OA
Jed Etchells- P5 E1, P17 WT, P24 OA
Alex Snow- P15 E2, P21 WT, P29 OA

Junior World Trophy
Harry Edmondson- P9 JWT, P31 OA
Max Ingham- P10 JWT, P32 OA

Women’s World Trophy
Nieve Holmes- P8 WWT, P72 OA

About our Day 5 sponsors

HMi Elements

HMi Elements are the world leading manufacturers of hazardous area computers for the oil and gas industry, with nearly four decades of development experience! The innovative company create functional products which strongly rival competitors, and focus on the oil and gas industries specifically! Thank you to HMi for your support this year!

JH Plant Ltd Hire and Sales

JH Plant Ltd Hire and Sales are specialists in excavator and dumper hire throughout South Wales, supply their customers with complete confidence that they will enjoy well maintained, top-notch equipment! John has put a lot into Team GB this year, including helping hugely with the container. Get in touch for any plant hire needs!