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Cal-Culated Hughes Demolishes the Dell! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round 4 – Race Report & Results

Cal-Culated Hughes Demolishes the Dell! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round 4 – Race Report & Results

After a full year without bikes, the Lancashire hilltop venue of Lee Dell was well rested and prepared perfectly by Wayne Braybrook, WB created a true Cross Country Enduro Event for the Rock Oil Round 4 Weekend.

Report by Raw Media – Images courtesy of CH-Images

With a little bit of everything in the lap, including a monster Optional Extreme loop, that lots of riders said was one of the best in the UK, the Saturday Play day saw many expert riders testing themselves on one of the 3 main routes to the top of the huge Extreme hill.

Phil Hancock

Gentle drizzle did little to change the course on Saturday, however torrential rain through the night Saturday left the Youth class riders with very testing conditions for the first race of the day. Dexter Hind was apprehensive having not ridden at Lee Dell before, the gritty KTM65 rider fired into life Sunday morning and took the Youth B win in fine style, showing his wet condition capabilities.

Charlie Schofield placed runner up just two minutes down, with Annabelle Bolt grafting like the big Bolt to take an impressive third place. In the Big Youth class Jasper Fox used his trials skills to take an impressive 9 lap tally. There was a 3 way battle for the next podium places, Evan Sharpe had his best result to date taking runner up place from the Hard Charging Tobias Stansfield who grabbed third place.

With the mist and drizzle starting to lift, it was the turn of the adults after a short delay starting at 11:10.

Josh Knight

RAW Enduro Team Rider Callum Hughes set his intentions from the drop of the flag with a cool holeshot, staying clean and making the best of a clear track, Hughes reeled off the laps. Opting to take the shorter extreme route every lap, most experts were keen to reach the top of the loose climb in one run. As the race went on Hughes stayed cool and Calculated to manage the lead from the hard Charging Appleyard rider Jordan Jones, who placed runner up. Team Steer Expert Declan Helliwell grabbed a good haul of points for a strong third place finish.

Another RAW Team rider Josh Knight is more or less back to normal after a limited 2021 season. Josh held onto his Clubman class lead just edging out Toby Shaw into runner up place, Mitch Parkes enjoyed his RAW race taking a strong third in clubman. Harry Lampkin now back in love with Enduro riding, enjoyed his run out talking the Clubman Vets class win just ahead of Andy Cooke. Simon Tate fired a truck load of Championship points onto his 2022 title assault with a strong third on the day. Runaway Championship leader in the Sportsman Vets Class Rob Miller took another sportsman Vets win from Wayne Gurnhill. Mark Raynor topped the Over 50 class to extend his championship lead, despite stiff competition from local rider Ashley Jones.

Hayden Stansfield

The Third RAW Team win of the day went to Hayden Stansfield in the Sportsman class, Hayden improves every weekend, confirming his place on the RAW team has been a great move forward.

A fantastic weekend at Lee Dell ran like clockwork, Very well supported considering how many people are away on holiday, thanks to all those who assisted in the running of the event, and a huge thanks to the RAW Riders who rolled in to tackle the challenges Lee Dell always offers on any given race weekend.


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September 3rd 4th The Final two rounds of the Metzeler Super Sprint Series at Grange Moor near Wakefield for a grand finale where the final Rounds 5 and 6 will run over the weekend.

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Youth Race

Pos Name Time Category
1 Jasper FOX 01:38:40 Youth A
2 Evan SHARPE 01:31:08 Youth A
3 Tobias STANSFIELD 01:32:23 Youth A
4 Karl HANCOCK 01:33:43 Youth A
5 Jack LEONARD 01:40:51 Youth A
6 Dexter HIND 01:35:11 Youth B
7 Charlie SCHOFIELD 01:37:14 Youth B
8 Annabelle BOLT 01:42:08 Youth B
9 James MEAKIN 01:42:40 Youth A
10 Preston FLYNN 01:45:54 Youth B
11 Elliott TENNENT 01:47:02 Youth B
12 Finlay HARRIS 01:37:09 Youth A
13 Bella PARKES 01:33:14 Youth A
14 Jenson FOX 01:39:25 Youth B
15 Luke BOVINGTON 01:34:20 Youth A
16 Jake HANNON 01:45:28 Youth B

Adult Race

Pos Name Time Category
1 Callum HUGHES 02:03:26 Expert
2 Jordan JONES 02:05:37 Expert
3 Delan HELLIWELL 02:08:56 Expert
4 Joe DEAKIN 02:00:15 Expert
5 Phil HANCOCK 02:01:31 Expert
6 Josh KNIGHT 02:02:44 Clubman
7 Toby SHAW 02:04:21 Clubman
8 Mitch PARKES 02:05:16 Clubman
9 Sam LAMPKIN 02:07:01 Expert
10 Lucas TRAVERS 02:07:18 Clubman
11 Steven BEDDOWS 02:07:24 Expert
12 Ged HIGGINS 02:08:23 Clubman
13 Steven HIND 02:09:11 Clubman
14 Hayden STANSFIELD 02:00:00 Sportsman
15 Harry LAMPKIN 02:00:23 Clubman Vets
16 Chris BAILEY 02:00:32 Clubman
17 Luke EVANS 02:02:08 Expert
18 Steve BUTTERFIELD 02:03:42 Clubman
19 Oliver ALLBONES 02:04:16 Clubman
20 Niall BOWKER 02:05:28 Sportsman
21 Cameron MACRO 02:06:36 Clubman
22 Andy COOKE 02:06:37 Clubman Vets
23 Michael BRIGGS 02:07:00 Expert
24 Mark RAYNOR 02:07:05 Over 50
25 Tyler FARROW 02:07:41 Sportsman
26 Tommy TATE 02:07:43 Clubman
27 Simon TATE 02:09:14 Clubman Vets
28 Ashley JONES 02:11:07 Over 50
29 Nathan PARKER 02:11:18 Clubman
30 Archie WALKER 02:12:42 Sportsman
31 Mark LAKELAND 02:00:20 Over 50
32 Ryan STONELEY 02:01:37 Sportsman
33 Martin HANCOCK 02:01:45 Clubman Vets
34 Ethan KIRK 02:04:07 Sportsman
35 Rob MILLER 02:04:20 Sportsman Vets
36 Dan MCKENNELL 02:05:32 Sportsman
37 Ryan CHAPMAN 02:06:12 Sportsman
38 Thomas NELSON 02:06:29 Novice
39 Billy AUSTIN 02:07:42 Sportsman
40 Andy LONGDEN 02:08:22 Over 50
41 Anthony FARROW 02:08:44 Novice
42 Jimmy MCCANNA 02:09:04 Sportsman
43 David WILLIAMS 02:09:35 Over 50
44 Jonathan WARD 02:10:14 Sportsman
45 Ethan DALE 02:11:01 Sportsman
46 Stephen THORNTON 02:13:32 Over 50
47 Lee STOYLES 02:16:49 Clubman
48 Alfie MARSDEN 02:00:08 Sportsman
49 Ben HOLMES 02:00:46 Novice
50 Graham DICKINSON 02:01:32 Clubman Vets
51 Tom MOORE 02:03:23 Sportsman
52 Chris SANDERSON 02:03:24 Sportsman
53 Jamie LOCK 02:05:38 Novice
54 Aaron WARD 02:06:16 Sportsman
55 Wayne GURNHILL 02:06:30 Sportsman Vets
56 Martin BENSON 02:06:32 Sportsman Vets
57 Jason KENWORTHY 02:06:57 Novice
58 Matthew BRIGGS 02:09:10 Clubman
59 Reece HOPKINSON 02:15:23 Sportsman
60 Sonny LEIGH 02:00:02 Sportsman
61 Kyle HENDY 02:01:18 Novice
62 Joe HAIGH 02:03:22 Novice
63 Gabby WHITHAM 02:11:28 Sportsman
64 Aaron BRIGHAM 02:13:23 Novice
65 Kieron NORBURN 02:13:29 Sportsman Vets
66 Colin THORP 02:02:09 Over 50
67 Daniel HOLDEN 02:04:06 Novice
68 Chris MEAKIN 02:05:27 Over 50
69 Andy STANWAY 02:06:10 Over 50
70 James DYSON 02:06:58 Sportsman Vets
71 Jake BROOKS 02:13:47 Over 50
72 Declan SEWED 02:14:23 Novice
73 Michael HARRIS 01:17:39 Sportsman Vets
74 Connor STEELE 01:59:56 Novice
75 Harvey HARDACRE 02:02:32 Novice
76 Matt WAKEFIELD 02:05:55 Clubman
77 Adam CRAWSHAW 02:06:50 Novice
78 Natham MURRANT 02:01:26 Novice
79 Philip YOULES 02:01:30 Over 50
80 Harry SMITH 01:37:23 Sportsman
81 Molly HOWE 00:43:02 Novice
82 Chris WARD 00:54:24 Over 50
83 Clifford DUNNING 01:33:21 Novice
84 Tim HOWE 00:33:12 Over 50
85 Oliver GRIBBEN 00:37:01 Novice
86 Daniel BRIGHAM 00:40:42 Novice
87 Zak KENNEDY 00:06:09 Sportsman
88 James JOHNSON 00:08:19 Sportsman
89 Damien LILLY 00:08:53 Novice