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Bolt bangs in opening round victory! 2022 SuperEnduro GP Round 1 – Report & Highlights

Bolt bangs in opening round victory! 2022 SuperEnduro GP Round 1 – Report & Highlights

Billy BOLT didn’t come to make up. The official Husqvarna rider is very comfortable on the Polish track in the heart of the Atlas Arena. Best time of the last practice session, he sets an impressive time in the Superpole Akrapovic (55.133), the BOLT machine is on the way. In this exercise, he is ahead of his teammate Colton HAAKER (USA-Husqvarna) and the German Manuel LETTENBICHLER . Taddy BLAZUSIAK (POL-GasGas) and Cody WEBB (USA-SHERCO) are already down on one knee, they both fall in SuperPole, they will have to start from the back of the grid in Prestige.

At the start of the 1st final, WEBB and BLAZUSIAK’s ordeal continues, the two men find themselves on the ground from the 1st turn, they will have to whip if they want to make a spectacular comeback in a final whose frantic pace, the places in the last places of this first round. WEBB plagued with brake pad worries is in big trouble, the American not delivering its usual potential. He failed in a disappointing 10th place this first round of 2022. Taddy, carried by a crowd totally committed to his cause, managed to climb back to 3rd position. The Pole, in fusion with his public, chained the frenzied laps, He overtook his opponents by whole bunch in all the technical parts of the track.Taddy had to draw on his resources to sign such a result. Far from the rise of the Polish, Billy BOLT leads a race that he controls to perfection. A time followed by his teammate HAAKER , number 57 will take off when HAAKER will bite the sand in the second round. Not completely satisfied with his pace, the American could not resist Taddy’s return in the last laps. Jonny WALKER (GBR-Beta) competes in a race without problem. He signs his first top 5 of the year and is in the game to sign good results this season. In second place, the 2016 Junior champion, Mani LETTENBICHLER finished second to Billy BOLTby showing consistency and solidity which could be great qualities this year. The result of the first final is: BOLT , LETTENBICHLER and the hero of a whole people BLAZUSIAK .


The inverted grid of the second final will be the great opportunity offered to Magnus THOR (SWE-Husqvarna) to compete against the best riders in the world. The European champion will unfortunately not be able to resist for long against Colton HAAKER, author of an excellent start to the second round. The American seems to hold this round, but that’s without counting on the thunderous return of Billy BOLT . The Briton will even go to taste the Polish soil, he gets back in the saddle to make the junction with his teammate. The two men engage in another spectacular pass of arms. BOLT falls again but climbs back on HAAKER. He overtook the American in the last 3 corners of the Polish track. This new victory already demonstrates the determination of the outgoing champion. This second round was another great moment of bravery signed Taddy BLAZUSIAK author of a new comeback after having fallen heavily at the start. He has to be content with 7th place in this round after still having experienced some setbacks, BLAZUSIAK has stammered his driving a little this evening. Cody WEBB, still plagued by brake problems, signs his 1st top 5 of the year. Behind BOLT and HAAKER , we find once again a very reasonable Jonny WALKERwho signs his first podium of the season. The Briton is making his mark with his brand new two-stroke Beta, this podium can give him confidence in his potential.

The last final is a formality for Billy BOLT who signs his second “Airoh holeshot” of the day. He won in this final with more than 26 seconds ahead of LETTENBICHLER . A phenomenal advance which delighted the Briton who was a little rusty at the start of the week. BOLT is already laying a very solid and serious foundation for what he is capable of accomplishing this season. One thing is clear, it will be necessary to be solid to shake up the Husqvarna rider this season. But SuperEnduro riders have resources. We think in particular of Jonny WALKER , brilliant third of this last round. Colton HAAKER, who has already announced that he will be present in Israel, will be a serious contender for the final victory. We also only want to see Cody WEBB at 100% of his potential. Taddy BLAZUSIAK (who fell again at the start of this round!) Has proven that he has the potential to fight at the forefront with the best.

It should be noted the beautiful evening of Will HOARE (GBR-GasGas) who finished 6th overall on this opening night. The Briton showed great disposition and fought hard against regulars in the Prestige category such as Diogo VIEIRA (POR-GasGas) and Pol TARRES (ESP-Yamaha).

Junior: Dominik OLSZOWY the Polish relief on the march.

Dominik OLSZOWY (POL-GasGas) made a perfect copy for his home race. The Pole won in the three finals of the Junior category. Carried by his audience, the young GasGas pilot showed three faces for this opening night. That of a combative boy and capable of ensuring a good fight against one of his most anticipated opponents Milan SCHMUESER (GER-GasGas) . He won with style in the first final. He is joined in the Top 3 by Leon HENTSCHEL (GER-GasGas) and Milan SCHMUESER (GER-GasGas) . In the second round, OLSZOWYwill only need two laps to take the lead and keep it until the finish, so it is his favorite face in the category. In the last final, the Pole showed the face of a “steamroller” by winning with more than 18 seconds in advance. He did not disappoint his supporters and he logically won this Polish GP ahead of HENTSCHEL and SCHMUESER .

European Championship: double for Sonny GOGGIA

Former Prestige category driver Sonny GOGGIA (ITA-Rieju) has decided to enter the European Championship this season. Great for him, the Italian flew over the category, winning both races. He climbed on the general podium with the French Aurélien ADDESSO on his Sherco and the Polish Oskar KACZMARCZYK on his GasGas.

What they said:
Billy BOLT (GBR-Husqvarna) : “ The most incredible thing is that I was a little rusty at the start of the week. I drove on Monday and had some strange sensations. Fortunately this evening everything was back to normal and I was able to ride at a good pace. I am reassured because I think I can have a good season. I am very happy to have been able to increase my pace all evening, I see a lot of positive after this opening. “

Manuel LETTENBICHLER (GER-KTM) : “ I am super happy with this return to SuperEnduro and I won’t hide it from you, I am extremely surprised with my performance. I am delighted to have been able to fight at the forefront with Billy and Colton. Since my absence, one thing is certain, it is that the level of SuperEnduro has jumped forward. I can’t wait to be in the next round to be able to confirm this good form and this good result. “

Colton HAAKER (USA-Husqvarna) : “ I’ll be honest with you, I never thought I would come back to SuperEnduro, but when I got the phone call to come back I quickly made the decision to join these guys. I am delighted with my decision. I suffered a lot from jet lag which completely ruined my start to the day. But I made up for it I think. Glad to see I’m in the game against Billy. Some adjustments will have to be made and I will meet you in Israel. “