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Blast of speed by Burts! Helmsley Putoline Classic Enduro – Race Report & Results

Blast of speed by Burts! Helmsley Putoline Classic Enduro – Race Report & Results

The Dirtbike Action crew had made big changes to previous time card events at Helmsley with lots of new going, linked by forest roads and field edges to give riders a rest. Although the event was bathed in sunshine the lead-up to it had been poor with the wettest March for 40 years which made the course much harder than intended.

Report and Images by Dirtbike Action

Championship riders were first away at 9.30 am with 4 laps of the 19 mile lap and finishing on back-to-back tests, Tom Sagar ran in to early problems after a spill on the Gasser and retired at the end of the first lap. Sam Boyd was the first championship rider to start the timed tests close to the end he high sided his BETA 125 quickly remounted but the machine refused to start resulting in a 12 minute test, Burts Crayston passed him and put in 7.23 sec test with Lee Sampson on 7.36, after five tests Burts was 46 seconds clear of Lee to take the P1 position Lee Sampson p2 and Sam Boyd P3 he did set the fastest test of the day 7.19 sec.

In the Experts, Ben Thompson made the trip from north of the border worthwhile with a win Ryan Burton enjoyed his day and took the expert P2 with Shane Tasker P3.

A notable performance in the clubman class from Riley Boyd as he dominated the class with test times that would have placed him high in the experts, Chris Tett won the 040 class, while in the 050 Mick Robson was the class winner.
The classic enduroist’s , old bikes and some of the older riders struggled in the conditions but there were some great performances Shaun Turner prevailed in the expert class from Andrew Samson husqvarna p2 and Ian Barnett on the little Honda xr 200 p3

The classic Clubman was won by Darius Zbyrowski, Pepe Powell took the P2 position and Karl Raikes was p3 .
The previous weeks of rain certainly made the course harder but its enduro and the show must go on , running time cards enduros requires lots of help and a big thank you to the ever increasing team of Boyds and relations ,team Campbell, Timecard Fran,’ team Nicholson, Scotts, Dancer, Ginner, Lee Atkinson, Chris Tennant, Mick Mosley and loads of others…


Provisional Class Results V2