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Ashton Dickinson hopes to be back in 2022!

Ashton Dickinson hopes to be back in 2022!


Duck Smart

Injured Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee rider Ashton Dickinson has released a statement regarding his injury, his recovery and his future.

Ashton received the call up to the team to race the GP’s after impressing as a privateer but a crash at the GP in Loket ended his season as he reveals.

We wish Ashton a speedy recovery and we hope to see him back on track in 2022.

Read his full statement below…

Just an updated Message & a thank you to many of my 2021 Privateer sponsors & to Hitachi KTM.

After my Crash at Loket GP, where my head was ran over by a number of bikes on the start.
Some people may have judged my injury differently & still do, then some people have understood the seriousness behind head trauma & why I have had to be non-existent & very cautious with what I’ve been doing for the last 11 weeks.

I’m certainly in a better place than I was 11 weeks ago when I was just thinking the worst & just couldn’t see a positive outcome at all.
I’ve had multiple CT Scans & MRI’s and it’s been nice to hear the doctors give some positive feedback about my head and how I am on the right track.
Along with my head scans I’ve had full body MRI’s & found that I have some internal Lesions inside my upper torso/rib cage area which is where I’ve had just as much pain as my head.
I’m waiting on a report from the Doctor to describe how Dangerous these Lesions I have are to my body, but in the meantime I’ve had corticosteroids injections into my rib cage joints to try free up some inflammation which is causing me to be in pain & not very Mobile with my upper body.

I have a good chance to be back on the bike in 2022, I’m just hoping the lesions are a positive outcome.
Will update more when I know.

Many many thanks to the people that have been on board with me in 2021, it’s been a massive eye opener to know that people do still believe in you if you show them you have heart & determination.
With a Big thank you going to Roger and the full team over at HITACHI for giving me an opportunity this year, we were going well but unfortunately it didn’t work out in our favour, but I thank you guys and wish the team much success in the future.

Hope to see everyone Next year, I’ll cross my fingers.