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All set for Borilli Enduro European Championship round four in Poland – Preview

All set for Borilli Enduro European Championship round four in Poland – Preview

The 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship’s season finale is kicking off this weekend in the Polish city of Kielce-Piekoszov. Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September will therefore take place the 24MX Round 4#, which will not only see the European champions crowned for the current season but also the European Champions Nations.

Preview by European Enduro Championship

In fact, like every final race of the continental championship it is valid as a round of the European of Nations. The season got the ball rolling in the rainy Fabriano and then moved to sunny and dusty Portugal, just to make a stop in sandy Estonia in the middle of the summer. Three completely different Rounds that put a strain on the registered riders, asking them for great technical skills to face them in the best possible way. After Motocross Marketing, Eleveit and Airoh it’s time for 24MX, the most popular online store in off-road, to name the Continental Championship.

To best end this season, the organizer, KTM Novi Korona Kielce, has prepared a 104 km lap in which two time checks are placed, one of them with assistance. Within the transfer the riders will face three special tests, two of which will be repeated twice, for a total of five tests per lap. The Airoh Cross Test, with a length of 5 km, was designed inside a stone-rich terrain while the Eleveit Enduro Test takes place on sandy ground with a rocky bottom. The 24MX Extreme Test is 6 km long and takes place in terrain that combines the characteristics of the two tests described above. Given the length of the transfer, the event will take place on two race laps, instead of the usual three.

The 24MX Leader David Abgrall (81 pt) will have to watch his back from Matej Skuta (61 pt), who after an opaque Round 3# wants to return to the top of the championship standings; at the same time the Frenchman has no plans to leave first place. The third position is now property of the young Romain Dagna (58 pt) who has shown several times that he can aspire to the final title. Thanks to the 99 points collected so far Luca Colorio leads the Youth class, Romain Dagna is very close at 97; with only two points of detachment the conquer of this title is really on. Davide Mei (80 pt) occupies the third position instead. The Junior 1 “game” has already been closed by Riccardo Fabris, who won the title two days in advance; home rider Dawid Babicz (79 pt) will therefore have to defend the second position from the Norwegian Herman Ask (75 pt). In the Junior 2 class the fight for the title is going to be very close, Matej Skuta, Lucas Bergstroem and the reigning champion, Lorenzo Bernini, are all very close, in fact they are only 6 points between first in the standings and third.

The E1 class still sees German Andreas Beier in the lead at 110 while the runner-up, Aleksander Bracik follows him at 84; Alessandro Di Gregorio closes the provisional championship podium at 77 lengths. Beier could already win the title on Saturday. In Enduro 2 Alex Walton leads the games at 104 while Killian Irigoyen follows him in second place thanks to his 87 points. At the end of the podium we find Yann Dupic at 74. In Enduro 3 last year’s clash is repeated; this time at the top of the standings we find the 2022 vice champion David Abgrall, who leads the games at 114 while the reigning champion Dietger Damiaens follows him at 87 points. Roberto Da Canal instead occupies third place thanks to the 82 points collected in the first three Rounds. In the Senior class Maurizio Micheluz is in the lead at full score (120 pt) while Nico Rambow follows him at 102, instead Andre Decker with his 58 points, collected in only two Rounds, is third. Maurizio Micheluz could also win the title at the end of Day 1. In the women’s class it is the Norwegian Vilde Marie Holt who pulls the ranks (110 pt), 4 points behind the German Tanja Schlosser while Audrey Rossat is third at 69. In the Trade Teams class, the defending champion Diligent Team leads the games again this year thanks to its 117 points while Sweden Enduro is second at 103, the home team KTM Novi Korona closes the podium (92 pt).

The Airoh Cross Test Trophy and the Eleveit Enduro Test share the same leader: David Abgrall. The French rider is so close to returning home with the two special awards put up by two prestigious Italian brands.

The 2022 Nations European saw the Italian national team triumph within the National Trophy; Germany tried to stand up to the italians but in the end won the class silver; the bronze was the prerogative of the Norwegian national team. Within the Junior Trophy France shone by winning first place, placement of honour for Italy and bronze for the Czech Republic. The Women’s trophy instead saw the dominance of the Italian team. In the Senior trophy it was Germany who won  while the Slovaks finished second.

The prerequisites for a spicy last Round of the 2023 Borilli Enduro European Championship are all there, we just have to live it. All the information concerning it has already been published on the official website while on EEC’s social media pages you can live the 24MX Round 4# live. See you in the paddock!