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2023 ACU British Quad Championship calendar confirmed!

2023 ACU British Quad Championship calendar confirmed!

The ACU Motocross Department are pleased to confirm the calendar for the 2023 ACU British Quad Championship.

Feature Image courtesy of Tracy Thacker

Following the official release of the FIME Quad Cross Championship Calendar the ACU have been able to finalise the 2023 Championship calendar.

For 2023 the championship will be contested over 5 rounds starting in April and finishing in August.

The full list of Dates is as follows:

16 April NETT TBC

14 May NETT Ironworks

29 May Nora MX Brookthorpe

2 July NETT Dean Moor

6 August Nora MX Little Silver

The Championship will run long the same guideline as in 2022 with the following titles to be won. ACU British Champion, British Expert Champion & British Under 21 Champion.

All other Championship classes will remain with Nora MX for 2023, Masters, Clubman Ladies, Youth 100cc, Youth 250cc Air cooled and Youth 250cc Open.

Once again there is no registration requirement for the ACU British Quad Championship, for more information please contact Sonia Goggin at the ACU Motocross Department on 01788 566404, or Nora MX and Nett or check the ACU website at www.acu.org.uk.