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2021 Scunthorpe Flat Track Championships Round 2 – Report & Results

2021 Scunthorpe Flat Track Championships Round 2 – Report & Results

The Scunthorpe Summer Flat Track Championship fired into round two of their Summer Championship on Sunday 9th May.

Images courtesy of Ian Rispin

Apart from a blip in the second set of races Jack Bell was in fine form again in the Flat Track class winning the final ahead of George Burgess and Trevor Heath.

Bell also continued his Pitbike dominance taking the chequers in each and every race ahead of James Bowles and Neil Mcdermott.

Flat Track Grid

Odgie Danaan claimed the victory in the Vintage Flat Track group from Adrian Soanes and Mark Harrison.

Archie Jeeves was unstoppable in the Inappropriates topping the standings over Andrew Walker and Arron Brannon.

Ladies and Minibikes

In the MX class Jonathan Dowd won 4 heats from 5 before nailing the final where he beat Julian Shaw and Leigh Nicklin.

Pete Wyldbore went through the card in the Super Comp category, Andrew Lee was second and Ieuan Hughes was third.

Junior Two action

Over in the Street Tracker class Max Jackman won out over John Abbott and Christopher Smith.

In the Ladies Rachel Pledge beat Anita Harrison for the top spot.

Super Comp action

The Minibike class saw Ben Bell with the win, second place was Neil Massey and Rob Husband was third.

Ryan Ingram pitched in with the Junior one class win, fending off Mya Harris and Charlie Hocaniuk.

Pitbike Action

In the Junior Two group Alfie Croft, Lane Tildsley and Josh Fowler were the top three in that order.

Round three takes part this weekend. For more info head to https://www.facebook.com/groups/880967418931544



Standings after two rounds