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X-Cast Media Digest – Golding Barn Raceway and the Beamish Clan

X-Cast Media Digest – Golding Barn Raceway and the Beamish Clan

The history of Motocross is entrenched firmly in British soil; evolving from early 20th century trials and scramble style events, the modern form of our sport is memorialised by the past generations of riders, whom shared the same love of the motorcycle as we do today.

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Despite the legacy of the sport being so deeply rooted in British culture, it constantly faces backlash here in the UK. Tracks up and down the country have struggled to stay open in recent years due to increasing opposition from local councils, environmentalists, and even neighbouring residents.

If you have had the chance to read the latest update on Golding Barn’s Social Media platforms, then you will more than be aware that Dan Beamish eloquently described the difficulties the track has been facing recently. With the biggest concern being the practicalities of delivering quality service for riders, Dan has decided that (for the time being), the track will not run frequent practice days for the foreseeable future, as logistically it has become too challenging to operate on a regular basis.

“Firstly, we have put in a solid 20-year commitment to opening on a regular basis which in itself is a huge tie and takes its toll.
Secondly, with the weather generally becoming more extreme in the South East especially, we find ourselves having to cancel more and more days due to the track being un-rideable because of the wet weather, followed quickly by running out of water to keep the dust down. The hard-packed ground type here does not work well without a proper water source which we do not have, unfortunately. We had a borehole drilled some years ago at a large expense, only to find it would not yield enough water to help our cause.

So, we feel we will now just look at providing quality, rather than quantity events as and when we decide the time is right. For now, thank you again and we will keep everyone informed of any future events as, or when they materialise.”


Recently, I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the Beamish family; working closely with Ollie on the recent Golding Barn feature film and getting to hear first-hand from Dan Beamish just what impact the estate and the track has had on their lives. It was humbling to really gauge the sense of pride resulting from such admirable prestige in our sport.

Golding Barn exists as one of the longest standing Motocross facilities in Britain, boasting an irrefutable pedigree that the Beamish family are (rightly so) incredibly proud of. Having played host to a plethora of events (including British Championship Rounds in the 80s), Golding Barn’s nearly 70-year history, would have undoubtedly engrained many of us with cherished memories. Therefore, I have no doubt that the decision to take a step back would have been a thorough one, and ultimately the right one too.

I would like to take this time to thank the Beamish family for the role that they have played in the Southeast and British Motocross over the years. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for The Golding Barn Raceway.