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Smoking at Smeatharpe! Devon Classic Summer Scramble – Race Report and Results

Smoking at Smeatharpe! Devon Classic Summer Scramble – Race Report and Results


Sunday August 2nd saw the Devon Classic Scramble Club host its summer Scramble at Smeatharpe, Nr Honiton. As with most Motorsport restrictions were in place and unfortunately, no spectators were allowed to attend, but never the less the club had done a great job in managing to run the event and would like to thank all the riders for their patience and for keeping to the restrictions and most of all for not leaving rubbish behind. Unfortunately, the track did dry during the day and was to cause a problem with dust, so the organisers moved the layout a couple of times to try and keep the dust minimal which did help and there was some good racing in all classes.

Report and Images by Dave Rich

In the Pre 65 class this proved to be a battle royal between the 350 BSA of Colin Hickie and William Holland on the big 640 Triumph Metisse. Hickie was to win the opening race with Holland winning race 2 from Hickie which was to put them tying on points going into the last race which saw Hickie take the win to give him the overall, Holland could only manage 4th in the last race but still took 2nd with Connor Grudgington taking 3rd overall with three consistent rides.

Kristian Marshall putting his 360 Bultaco Pursang to work at smeatharpe in the pre 74 class

The Pre 74 class it was all about one rider and that was Kristian Marshall who was on a 360 Bultaco Pursang who showed his class by winning all three races to take the overall with Mark Stephens on a 380 Bultaco 2nd to Marshall in all three races to give him 2nd overall and Martin Stephens claimed 3rd overall.

The evo class saw Tim Maskell on the big CR500 Honda lead the opening race for a couple of laps, but was under pressure all the time from Lee Skinner on the CR250 who took the over the lead mid-race and from there went on to take the win and was to win the other two races to give him the overall. Maskell took a hattrick of 2nd place finishes to be 2nd overall with Mike Hill claiming 3rd overall.

Moving into the Twinshock classes especially Twinshock A which had some really fast riders in including Kristian Marshall who this time was out on his 440 Maico which he rode with some passion beating fellow Shepton Mallet rider Bryan Withers on the 500 Husqvarna in all three races with Brad Perrett riding his 545 PDS Triumph taking 3rd overall with three good results.

Lee Skinner in action in the Evo class

The Twinshock B class was to produce three different race winners with Kevin Allen on the 650 Ktm taking the opening win from Graham Challis and Adrian Bence, but race 2 saw Mark Mumford who had a DNF in the first race win race 2 from Ade Dark and Jason Rothwell, but the last race saw Dark take the win and with it the overall, Bence took 2nd overall with Rothwell claiming 3rd overall.

In the Twinshock C class it looked as if Chris Stone was going to run away with it after winning the opening 2 races from Rick Gardner on the little 125 Suzuki, but a bad last race from Stone saw him finish in 4th and with Gardner winning the race he took the overall by one point with Kevin Spiller on the 450 Husqvarna taking 3rd overall with three consistent rides.

In the Twinshock D class again we had three different race winners with John Pearce on his 500 Maico winning the opening race with the 510 Husqvarna of Keith Worden taking a start to finish win in race 2 with Chris Wood just piping Worden in the last race for the win, but it was Worden who took the overall from Wood by 2 points with Roy Richards taking 3rd overall.


Pre 65
1st Colin Hickie (350 Hickie BSA)
2nd William Holland (640 Tri-Metisse)
3rd Connor Grudgington (350 BSA)
4th Matty Taylor (550 Mts Jawia)
5th Phill Fry (650 Tri-Metisse)
6th Paul Arnold (650 Tri-Metisse)
7th Martin Kemp (650 Trisba/Matchless)
8th Richard Clarke (441 BSA)
9th Simon Cunningham (250 BSA)
10th Michael Everleigh (650 Trisba)

Pre 74
1st Kristian Marshall (360 Bultaco Pursang)
2nd Mark Stephens (380 Bultaco)
3rd Martin Stephens (250 Honda)
4th Philip Nicholls (380 CZ)
5th Mike Hodges (250 Husqvarna)
6th Colin Hutton (380 CZ)
7th Ryan White (500 BSA)
8th Paul Grudgington (500 BSA)
9th Rob Daffy (Cotton Cobra/Honda)
10th Andy Sollars (500 BSA)

Pre 89 Evos
1st Lee Skinner (250 Honda)
2nd Tim Maskell (500 Honda)
3rd Mike Hill (250 Honda)
4th Matt Yates (510 Husqvarna)
5th Ross Kerr (250 Honda)
6th James Reeves (500 Honda)
7th Jack Peaster (490 Yamaha)
8th Alan Thomas (125 Kawasaki)
9th Neil Sutton 250 Suzuki)
10th Cole-Baker Edwards (125 Honda)

Twinshock A
1st Kristian Marshall (440 Maico)
2nd Bryan Withers (500 Husqvarna)
3rd Brad Perrett (545 PDS Triumph)
4th Ryan Baker (480 Honda)
5th Tom Paulley (490 Maico)
6th Philip Peaster (490 Yamaha)
7th Glyn Newton (490 Maico)
8th Simon Ring (636 Rovarna)
9th Andy Long (490 Maico)
10th Ed Spear (540 HL Yamaha)

Twinshock B
1st Ade Dark (560 Ktm)
2nd Adrian Bence (440 Maico)
3rd Jason Rothwell (250 Honda)
4th Kevin Allen (560 Ktm)
5th Stuart Spalding (125 Honda)
6th Gary Champ (250 Honda)
7th Mark Alderton (465 Yamaha)
8th Andrew Maddox (500 BSA)
9th Tim Walters (490 Maico)
10th Pip Warr (125 Honda)

Twinshock C
1st Rick Gardner (125 Suzuki)
2nd Chris Stone (465 Yamaha)
3rd Kevin Spiller (450 Husqvarna)
4th Steve Markham (490 Yamaha)
5th Mike Fredriksen (500 Rotax Ktm)
6th Martin Foster (250 Maico)
7th Keith Bragg (250 Honda)
8th J J Holland (250 Honda)
9th Oliver Wiles (440 Maico)
10th Jordan Feast (604 Armstrong)

Twinshock D
1st Keith Worden (510 Husqvarna)
2nd Chris Wood (250 Honda)
3rd Roy Richards (250 Honda)
4th Gary Wolff (600 Rotax Ktm)
5th Aaron Baker (500 Yamaha)
6th Garry Martin (250 Honda)
7th Lee Perry (510 Husqvarna)
8th Louis Butt (250 Maico)
9th John Pearce (500 Maico)
10th Dan Drake (125 Suzuki)