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Lampkin lands Hapton victory! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round 5 – Race Report & Results

Lampkin lands Hapton victory! Raw Enduro Rock Oil Championship Round 5 – Race Report & Results


Duck Smart

Hapton Valley became a very Happy Place as RAW Enduro staged Rock Oil Round 5 there in the scorching weather the UK was blessed with last weekend.

Report by Raw Media – Images courtesy of CH-Images

After a hugely successful Pay & Play day on Saturday, the course was perfectly bedded in for the first race of the day which was the Youth Only competitors in their own 1.5 hour event. Evan Sharpe was quick out of the blocks grabbing the Youth A Holeshot just ahead of Fraiser Lampkin, Title leader Hayden Stansfield had a slow start after his KTM Bogged on the start refusing to fire up. As the riders headed up the fast stone track up onto the Hapton Hillside Lampkin hit the front and never looked back, a gap of 35 seconds was enough in the early stages to keep the lead through pit stops, with some riders finding the heat too much needing to take a cool down break, Lampkin bashed on to take his first ever Enduro race win just over 2 minutes ahead of Stansfield. Karl Hancock continues to improve taking 3rd on his Appleyard Husky.

Bradley Crabtree was runaway winner in the Youth B class after the unfortunate Robbie Davidson slipped off just after the start sustaining a broken wrist. William Atkinson improves every weekend, his second spot was a great ride. Two brave Auto riders smashed the laps in, Walter Dibb completed 6 full laps of the youth course, with Jake Hannon placing runner up after a hard fall which knocked the wind out of him.

A packed adult start area saw Gas Gas mounted Jamie Williams Grab the holeshot and take the expert win in fine style, Jamie seems to be almost back to full fitness after a slow start to his season with injury. Local ace Jordan Jones was delighted with runner up in the expert class, with Championship runner James Clark grabbing his first Expert Podium. As is the Norm at RAW the clubman class saw a very stiff battle for the win, RAW Team rider Bert Boam was early leader setting a good pace, Josh Knight had other ideas as he opted to run without a pit stop on his Beta 200RR, Knights win was timed to perfection in the closing stages. Chris Bailey grabbed a solid third place after suffering with arm pump before he could put the hammer down towards the end of the 2 hour race.

Jamie Williams

It was clear to see who had done their homework in terms of Hydration ready for the stifling conditions on the day, in the sportsman vets class Jon Robson took the overall win just over one minute ahead of Mark Vardy who had a very strong finish to the race. Making up for his brother’s injury in the youth race, Callum Davidson smashed the sportsman class after the disappointment of running out of fuel at the previous round. Back on form Callum grabbed first place championship points to get his championship back on track. Finally in the vet’s classes Mark Raynor was the winner in the Over 50 class just ahead of championship leader Mark Peckitt. Neil Marshal has just made the Clubman Vets Championship very interesting by winning his class, now the top three are separated by just a handful of points as we head into the summer break. Joe Gill was the man in form taking the Novice class win, looking fresh at the finish Joe was delighted to take the top step of the podium.

Bradley Crabtree

Well it was a simply awesome weekend away enjoying bikes, camping, and socialising the way we know how to at RAW Enduro. As the sun sets on the Rock Oil Championship for a few weeks, we fire straight into a BRAND NEW Extreme event on July 25th where the Summit Extreme awaits…..

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Thanks to all participants for keeping the club moving forward during these very testing times.

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Pos Name Time Category
1 Jamie WILLAIMS 02:09:28 Expert
2 Jordan JONES 02:05:38 Expert
3 James CLARK 02:07:05 Expert
4 Scott Hipwell HIPWELL 02:07:25 Expert
5 Josh KNIGHT 02:08:13 Clubman
6 Jonny BAGNALL 02:08:32 Expert
7 Bert BOAM 02:09:21 Clubman
8 Phil HANCOCK 02:09:45 Expert
9 Chris BAILEY 02:09:55 Clubman
10 Ryan NEWBURY 02:10:38 Clubman
11 Hayden RAINFORD 02:01:23 Clubman
12 Tom CRAGGS 02:03:31 Clubman
13 Oliver ALLBONES 02:03:45 Expert
14 Henry HARMAN 02:04:56 Clubman
15 Callum DAVIDSON 02:04:59 Sportsman
16 Ben STAFFORD 02:05:53 Expert
17 Neil MARSHALL 02:06:56 Clubman Vets
18 Andrew HACKETT 02:07:31 Clubman Vets
19 Jon ROBSON 02:10:37 Sportsman Vets
20 Dan BILLAM 02:10:52 Clubman
21 Ben TENNANT 02:11:03 Clubman
22 Mark VARDY 02:11:52 Sportsman Vets
23 Damion LORD 02:00:34 Sportsman Vets
24 Lee STOYLES 02:00:35 Clubman
25 Lawrence WRIGHT 02:00:48 Sportsman
26 Ian TAYLOR 02:01:00 Sportsman
27 Nick BARROW 02:01:05 Sportsman Vets
28 Mark RAYNOR 02:01:17 Over 50
29 Sean Thompson THOMPSON 02:01:55 Sportsman
30 Ryan CHAPMAN 02:03:14 Sportsman
31 Mark PECKITT 02:03:15 Over 50
32 Chris BALL 02:03:28 Over 50
33 Jonathan WARD 02:04:32 Sportsman Vets
34 Martin HANCOCK 02:05:13 Clubman Vets
35 Chris SANDERSON 02:07:17 Sportsman
36 Danny DAVISON 02:08:05 Clubman
37 Michael SAVIN 02:08:06 Sportsman Vets
38 Joe GILL 02:08:28 Novice
39 Rob GREGORY 02:09:17 Over 50
40 Aaron WARD 02:09:25 Novice
41 Simon HANCOCK 02:11:10 Sportsman
42 Alun WELLER 02:13:39 Sportsman
43 Jamie PARKER 02:13:42 Novice
44 Robert SHANN 02:13:50 Novice
45 Jordan BOYS 02:14:55 Sportsman
46 Lucas TRAVERS 02:01:12 Sportsman
47 Michael LEE 02:03:52 Sportsman
48 Ethan MARQUIS 02:07:12 Novice
49 Cai HEWITT 02:07:56 Sportsman
50 Christian HUMPHREY 02:08:01 Sportsman
51 James DYSON 02:10:10 Sportsman Vets
52 Chris WARD 02:10:18 Sportsman Vets
53 Jake MARTIN 02:10:45 Novice
54 Tom STEPHENS 02:11:48 Novice
55 Kyle HENDY 02:12:07 Novice
56 Owen JONES 02:12:25 Sportsman
57 Peter LONGDON 02:13:02 Novice
58 Gabby WHITHAM 02:17:56 Sportsman
59 Callum HUGHES 01:24:00 Clubman
60 Tom PEACE 02:01:32 Novice
61 Jamie LOGDON 02:03:47 Novice
62 Paul Ramm RAMM 02:04:02 Novice
63 Ross HODGSON 02:07:30 Novice
64 Kevin IDDON 02:10:31 Novice
65 Phil HEWITT 02:11:58 Over 50
66 Stuart HINDLE 02:13:01 Novice
67 Jake THORNTON 02:13:07 Sportsman
68 Paul HILL 02:16:08 Over 50
69 Daniel SWEENEY 01:36:00 Sportsman Vets
70 Abbie PIGGOTT 02:03:12 Sportsman
71 Ian PARKER 02:04:37 Sportsman Vets
72 Arron BRIGHAM 02:13:35 Novice
73 Russ Martin MARTIN 01:26:17 Over 50
74 Reece HOPKINSON 01:12:56 Sportsman
75 Josh HAMILTON 01:41:32 Clubman
76 Matthew RADNALL 02:13:19 Novice
77 Lewis HINDLE 00:59:42 Novice
78 Archie WALKER 00:32:22 Novice
79 Ian PIPES 00:39:03 Novice
80 Dan BRIGHAM 00:20:54 Novice


Pos Race No Name Time
1 Fraiser LAMPKIN 01:31:22 Youth A
2 Hayden STANSFIELD 01:33:51 Youth A
3 Karl HANCOCK 01:33:15 Youth A
4 Bradley CRABTREE 01:37:50 Youth B
5 Tobias STANSFIELD 01:43:01 Youth A
6 Evan SHARPE 01:40:58 Youth A
7 William ATKINSON 01:43:44 Youth B
8 Jake ROBSON 01:30:38 Youth B
9 Walter DIBB 01:44:27 Junior Auto
10 Harry CROFT 01:46:37 Youth B
11 Jake HANNON 01:32:41 Junior Auto