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Frost hits em for six! Endurocks Xtreme Rocks Enduro – Race Report and Results

Frost hits em for six! Endurocks Xtreme Rocks Enduro – Race Report and Results

What’s the best way to celebrate the end of a lockdown, where fitness, training and practice have all taken a back seat? Why Extreme Enduro of course!

Report by Sam Warren – Images courtesy of Hayleys Photography

Sunday saw Endurocks Enduro Events return to the fantastic Binegar quarry. A well renowned trials venue in the southwest, this was going to be a tough race and boy did it not disappoint!

The day was split into two races with Novice/Sportsman in the morning and Clubman/Experts in the afternoon. Both races had a stacked entry and the mood around the pits was buzzing!

The Sportsman class saw Ryan Hacker get out front on lap two, where he stayed until the chequered flag. Michael Smith and Kyle Brooks finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Sportsman Over 40’s saw Mark Batt take the early lead but he succumbed to the pressure from Mark Copeland on lap 7 who took the win by a mere 3 minutes. Steve Davey rode a consistent race finishing 3rd in class.

The Novice class saw Ian Fortune take a commanding win completing 9 laps over Josh Golding’s 6. Dan Thomas was your 3rd place finisher with 5 laps.

Once the morning race had finished the rush was on to extend the lap taking what was already a tough track to another level. With riders like Keelan Hancock and Charlie Frost on hand this race was a treat to watch.

After a mishap on the start involving a hidden log, Charlie quickly worked back through the pack to take the lead, where he stayed. After the race he had this to say, “Got off to a pathetic start with a crash on the first corner, hit a hidden branch amongst the grass and ate s*^t. Once I got myself together and got into a flow, I managed to regain the lead by end of lap 1 and managed to pull away lap after lap. Thoroughly enjoyed the challenging course, the mud being dragged out of the woods into the rock gardens made for some slippery riding. Credit to EnduRocks Enduro club for putting on a mega event, having spoken with many other riders they all loved it and were just grateful to be back racing. Thanks lads”

Keelan Hancock made his first Endurocks appearance and it was a treat to see him on the track. Unfortunately, he ran into a couple of set backs involving lapped riders and a brake issue which dampened his charge but still came away with second place.

Ant Milliar showed that a big lad on a 4 stroke can still shift. He managed 3rd place, 7 minutes ahead of brother Chris in 4th and had this to say. I had a Proper good day on the bike today with a really challenging and physical event put on by Endurocks. I’ll 100% be doing it again especially on bored the AT Motorcycles, MRS supported Sherco Sef 300

The Clubman Over 40’s class saw some great racing with Alex Owen taking the early lead and staying there until the chequered flag. Daniel Hall bought home the Silver with Leigh Adlem rounding out the top 3.

In the Clubman class, it was Lee Meredith who was unchallenged for the win, crossing the line only a minute away from lapping second. Jack Talbot put in a solid effort throughout working his way from 4th to take home the Silver with Morgan Dummett in tow.

Thanks to the efforts of the marshalls, medics and caterers the day ran flawlessly these events couldn’t run without you guys!

The next event is another extreme at Beam Quarry in Torrington Jan 24th. If you loved Binegar, missed out or have unfinished business then get yourself booked in here >> https://www.endurocks.co.uk/


PM Race

Position Name Category Time
1st Charlie Frost Experts 3:07:24.3
2nd Keelan Hancock Experts -1 lap
3rd Anthony Milliar Experts -3 laps
4th Christopher Milliar Experts -3 laps
5th Radford Chugg Experts -4 laps
6th Nathan Newman Experts -4 laps
7th Jacob Young Experts -5 laps
8th Dan Guy Experts -5 laps
9th Jake Venter Experts -5 laps
10th Lee Meredith Clubman -5 laps
11th Martin Jessopp Experts -5 laps
12th Alex Owen Clubman Over40’s -6 laps
13th Jack Talbot Clubman -6 laps
14th Morgan Dummett Clubman -7 laps
15th Daniel Udall Clubman -7 laps
16th Daniel Hall Clubman Over40’s -7 laps
17th James Larcombe Clubman -7 laps
18th Josh Knight Clubman -8 laps
19th Ross Talbot Clubman -8 laps
20th Seb Dexter Experts -8 laps
21st Craig Barnes Clubman -8 laps
22nd HARRY JEFFERIES Clubman -9 laps
23rd Dylan Williams Clubman -9 laps
24th William Talbot Clubman -9 laps
25th Daryl Burgess Clubman -10 laps
26th Mat Llewellyn Clubman -10 laps
27th Leigh Adlem Clubman Over40’s -11 laps
28th Martin Froggatt Experts -11 laps
29th Kieran Fogarty Clubman -12 laps
30th Murat Ersahin Clubman -12 laps
31st Adam Hughes Lp Racing Clubman -12 laps
32nd Jake Udall Clubman -12 laps
33rd John Rowley Clubman Over40’s -12 laps
34th Jamie Harvey Clubman -12 laps
35th Ben Chamley Clubman -12 laps
36th Andy Vowles Clubman -12 laps
37th Hessam Mirmiran Clubman -12 laps
38th Tayler Brooke Clubman -12 laps
39th Dean Johnson Clubman Over40’s -13 laps
40th Tim Woodhouse Experts -13 laps
41st Lee Cornish Clubman Over40’s -14 laps
42nd Shaun Loizou Clubman -14 laps
43rd Oliver Hobson Clubman -15 laps
44th Philip Gilder Clubman Over40’s -15 laps
45th Lewis Page Clubman -15 laps
46th Marcus Feltham Clubman -15 laps
47th Gary Birtwistle Clubman -16 laps
48th Ashley Hudson Clubman -17 laps
49th Tony Cook Experts -17 laps
50th Denver Rollings Clubman Over40’s -17 laps
51st Jason Ford Clubman Over40’s -17 laps

AM Race

Position Name Category Time
1st Ryan Hacker Sportsman 2:03:03.6
2nd Mark Copeland Sportsman Over40’s 2:03:21.0
3rd Ian Fortune Novice 2:05:56.7
4th Mark Batt Sportsman Over40’s 2:06:10.8
5th Michael Smith Sportsman 2:09:59.8
6th Kyle Brookes Sportsman 2:12:30.2
7th Steve Davey Sportsman Over40’s -1 lap
8th Daniel Hern Sportsman -1 lap
9th Attila Szeri Sportsman -1 lap
10th Will Ell Sportsman -1 lap
11th Robert Aldworth Sportsman -1 lap
12th Brad Hacker Sportsman -2 laps
13th Alex Stevens Sportsman -2 laps
14th James Hoddinott Sportsman -2 laps
15th Cristian Dumitru Tineghe Sportsman -2 laps
16th Alan Stringer Sportsman -2 laps
17th Harvey Ward Sportsman -2 laps
18th Myles Cullen Sportsman -2 laps
19th Tom Batt Sportsman -2 laps
20th James Marchant Sportsman -3 laps
21st Jack Packer Sportsman -3 laps
22nd Will Skuse Sportsman -3 laps
23rd Josh Golding Novice -3 laps
24th Ben Dyer Sportsman -3 laps
25th Zachary Ward Sportsman -3 laps
26th Nicholas Lee Sportsman Over40’s -3 laps
27th Vanessa Ruck Sportsman -3 laps
28th Alex Ruck Sportsman -3 laps
29th Conner Edwards Sportsman -3 laps
30th Stuart Westcott Sportsman -3 laps
31st Dan Thomas Novice -4 laps
32nd Mark Paul Sportsman Over40’s -4 laps
33rd Ian Marcovitch Novice -4 laps
34th John Foley Novice -4 laps
35th Kurt Hodges Sportsman -4 laps
36th John Broomfield Novice -4 laps
37th Jon Sheppey Sportsman Over40’s -4 laps
38th Alex Hill Sportsman -5 laps
39th Mark Griffiths Sportsman Over40’s -5 laps
40th Carlos Pavloff Novice -5 laps
41st Steven Palmer Sportsman Over40’s -5 laps
42nd Ciprian Zlampa Sportsman -5 laps
43rd Ian Sandercock Sportsman Over40’s -6 laps
44th Jason Bates Sportsman Over40’s -6 laps
45th Alex Kovacs Sportsman -6 laps
46th Tim Ruck Sportsman Over40’s -6 laps
47th David Daniel Novice -6 laps
48th Eugen Costache Sportsman -6 laps
49th George Taslau Sportsman -6 laps
50th Nathaniel Church Sportsman -7 laps
51st Josh Miller Sportsman -7 laps
52nd James Humphrey Sportsman -7 laps
53rd Gary Potts Sportsman Over40’s -8 laps
54th Jake Woodgate Novice -8 laps
55th Dean Bell Novice -8 laps
56th Freddie Lenihan Sportsman Over40’s -8 laps
57th Jay Alee Novice -8 laps
58th Piotr Uziel Sportsman -8 laps