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House on top of the Hill! Devon Classic MCC – Badger Goss Trophy – Race Report & Results


House on top of the Hill! Devon Classic MCC – Badger Goss Trophy – Race Report & Results


Duck Smart

Easter Sunday saw the first competitive motorcycle event in the South West in 2021, taking place at Widworthy near Honiton in Devon, which the Devon Classic MCC hosted. The event is known as the Badger Goss Trophy Scramble, with this year’s event being run as a mark of respect to the legend who sadly passed away back in January.

Report and Images by Dave Rich

Entries for the event were full up weeks prior to the date, which included four groups of Twinshocks and one of the biggest entries of Classics seen in the South West for some time. The weather had been kind to the club prior and on the day as the sun was out in all its glory, but unfortunately, restrictions were still in place, and no spectators could attend to witness what was some top-class racing in all classes.

Terry House was in top form in the Twinshock A class.

The Twinshock A class was stacked with talent and was quick, but it wasn’t the best of preparation for one of the top runners in the shape of Terry House as he only had a couple of laps of practice before his throttle cable snapped. That didn’t affect his speed as House, on the 490 Fasthouse Butler Maico stormed to victory in the opening race after a long hard battle with fellow 490 Maico rider Wayne Butt with Allen Waring taking third just holding off Luke Hill in the closing stages who made a mistake earlier in the race. In the second moto, it was Hill on his HPR 500 Honda who led from the off from Butt, but not such a good start for House, who was back in 5th at the end of the opening lap but was soon on the gas. Hill managed to shake off Butt and was looking good at the front until the race was stopped due to an accident. The race was restarted, and it was Hill again at the front, but this time House was there in 2nd with Cornishman Mark Roberts tucked in 3rd just ahead of Butt, who was all over him and eventually got past, but he was not going to catch House or Hill who took the win by just 3 seconds. The last race again saw Hill with the best start from Butt and House, who were really having a tussle in 2nd and 3rd until Butt was to retire with a gear lever problem. Hill had a 4 second lead over House, which was to be closed rapidly by House, who was all over Hill on the penultimate lap and forced his way to the front and from there went on to take the win from Hill with Tim Dallaway on the 500 BSA taking an excellent 3rd.

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In the Twinshock B class, there was some close racing, especially in the third race between young Danny Braddick on the 250 Honda and fellow North Devon’s rider on the 465 Suzuki Greg Pascoe, but there was only one winner on the day, and that was the 480 Honda of Mark Dean after notching up two wins and a fourth with Jason Rothwell winning the last race on the 440 Maico.

The Twinshock C class saw the 500 KTM of Mike Fredriksen take the overall with two wins and a second, with Keith Worden pipping him in the last race, denying him a hattrick of wins by literally a second.

Mark Dean giving his all in the Twinshock B class

Twinshock D class saw a dominating performance from Bo Derrick on the 490 Maico, who took a clean sweep of wins, but the battle was on for second and third overall between the 250 and 400 Suzuki’s of Andy McDonough and Gary Heath as they went into the last race tied on points with McDonough victorious finishing ahead of Heath to take second overall.

In the Pre 60 class Peter Hollinshead on the 650 BSA put up a fine display of riding, winning all three races, but there were some good battles going on behind him between Mike Gillingham, Ian Lovelock and Andy Carter.

Bo Derrick took a hattrick of wins in the Twinshock D class

In the Pre 65 up to 350 class, there was a good ride from Colin Hickie on the 350 Hickie Racing BSA, who took the overall with two wins and a second being denied a hattrick by Mitchell Harris on the 350 BSA with John Dallaway onboard his 350 BSA having three consistent rides taking second overall just ahead of Connor Grudgington.

The Over 350cc Pre 65 class saw three consistent rides from Roger Dunford on his 500 BSA, who took a hat-trick of second places which was to give him the overall by one point, but the racing was to produce three different winners in the shape of Martin Kemp on the 650 Trisba, Nicholas Thorne on his 500 MRD Harris Jawa with Ade Dark triumphant on his 650 Triumph Metisse in the last race to pip Thorne for second overall.

Roger Dunford was consistent on the 500 BSA in the Pre 65 Over 350cc class.

In the Pre 68 class, the day started well for the 350 Hickie BSA rider Adam Butt who took the win in the opening race, but a mechanical problem in race 2 gave him a DNF, and the win went to Mitchell Harris, but Adam bounced back to win race three in style, but the most consistent rider was the 500 Cheney triumph of Greg Speed who took the overall with a hattrick of second-place finishes.

The Pre 74 up to 250cc class saw Martin Stephens on the 250 Honda take the Overall, but he was denied a clean sweep of wins in the second moto as it was the 250 CZ of Gary Green who took the win from Stephens by less than a second.

Kristian Marshall giving his all on the 380 CZ in the Pre 74 Over 250cc class

The Pre 74 Over 250cc class saw Kristian Marshall out on a 380 CZ, and it proved a good day for him as he was to win the opening race and followed it up with two second-place finishes to give him the overall. Tim Dallaway was to win the other two races on the 500 BSA, but with a DNF in the opening race, he was denied a top ten overall.

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Overall Results

Twinshock A

1st Terry House (Fasthouse 490 Butler Maico)
2nd Luke Hill (500 HPR Racing Honda)
3rd Tim Dallaway (500 BSA)
4th Mark Roberts (480 Roberts Garage Honda)
5th Glyn Newton (490 Maico)
6th Frank Morley (465 Yamaha)

Twinshock B

1st Mark Dean (480 Honda)
2nd Danny Braddick (250 Honda)
3rd Stuart Spalding (125 Honda)
4th Jason Jenner (250 Honda)
5th Paul Feltham (600 Rovarna)
6th Jason Rothwell (440 Maico)

No 68 Simon Smart and No 119 Nick Lane battling it out in Twinshock A

Twinshock C

1st Mike Fredriksen (500 KTM)
2nd Keith Worden (510 Husqvarna)
3rd JJ Folland (250 Honda)
4th Daniel Morley (465 Yamaha)
5th Matt Harris (480 Honda)
6th Martin Foster (250 Maico)

Twinshock D

1st Bo Derrick (490 Maico)
2nd Andy McDonough (250 Suzuki)
3rd Gary Heath (400 Suzuki)
4th Alan Bell (440 Maico)
5th Graham Stephens (250 Husqvarna)
6th Louis Butt (250 Rocket Honda)

Pre 60

1st Peter Hollinshead (650 BSA)
2nd Mike Gillingham (626 Mabsa)
3rd Ian Lovelock (650 Tribsa)
4th Andy Carter (650 Trisba)
5th Karl Waite (600 Norton)
6th Ian Verrinder (497 Norton Nomad)

Pre 65 up to 350cc

1st Colin Hickie (350 Hickie BSA)
2nd John Dallaway (350 BSA)
3rd Connor Grudgington (350 BSA)
4th Terence Fox (200 Sprite Tiger Cub)
5th Mitchell Harris (350 BSA)
6th Christopher Smith (350 BSA)

No 454 Peter Hollinshead on the 650 BSA battling it out with the 500 Jawa of Martin Coleman in a combined Pre 65 race before the gearbox went on the Jawa

Pre 65 Over 350cc

1st Roger Dunford (500 BSA)
2nd Ade Dark (650 Triumph Metisse)
3rd Nicholas Thorne (500 MRD Harris Jawa)
4th Mike Ford (650 Rickman)
5th David Simpson (360 CZ)
6th John Heal (600 Triumph Metisse)

Pre 68

1st Greg Speed (500 Cheney Triumph)
2nd John Chatto (440 BSA)
3rd Bradley Speed (500 Triumph)
4th Adam Butt (350 Hickie BSA)
5th Mitchell Harris (350/500 BSA)
6th Martin Kemp (500 BSA Faber)

Pre 74 up to 250cc

1st Martin Stephens (250 Honda)
2nd Gary Green (250 CZ)
3rd Stuart George (250 Bultaco)
4th Mark Mumford (250 CZ)
5th Nicholas Thorne (250 Yamaha)
6th Pete Beckerleg (250 Bultaco Pursang)

Pre 74 Over 250cc

1st Kristian Marshall (380 CZ)
2nd Greg Speed (500 Cheney BSA)
3rd Ross Worner (380 CZ)
4th Michael Hill (500 BSA)
5th Mike Popperwell (380 CZ)
6th Christopher Smith (360 Bultaco)

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