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Dafydd triumphs at Dean Moor! 2021 ACU British Quadcross Championship Round 1 – Report & Results

Dafydd triumphs at Dean Moor! 2021 ACU British Quadcross Championship Round 1 – Report & Results

Dean Moor was the venue for the opening round of the 2021 ACU British Quadcross Championship run by the Iveston & Satley MX club.

Report by Tracy Thacker – Feature Image by John Cook – Other images courtesy of John Cook and Tracy Thacker

Fantastic weather greeted the racers, but with a few injuries holding up proceedings, only two races were completed. The action in those two races though was epic and once again served up plenty of great racing for the spectators.

Alfie Walker – Picture by John Cook

There was drama on the first bend of the first moto with Dean Dillon and Harry Walker when they got so close their bikes “locked together” with the wheels jammed and were going nowhere, it took almost three laps to separate them.

Opening moto drama caught by Tracy Thacker

Dafydd Davies took an early lead with Murray Graham second chased by Mark McLernon, he was determined and soon blasted into second and chased after Dafydd Davies but could not find a way past. Alfie Walker fought through to take a great fourth just ahead of Oliver Sansom, with Lestyn Rowland taking sixth.

Mark Mclernon – Image by John Cook

In race two Dafydd Davies was once again on top form, taking an early lead and holding on throughout for a second great win and overall on the day, leading the championship. Alfie Walker held an initial second but withing the first few laps older brother Harry Walker found a way past. Mark McLernon soon blasted through to take third, with Oliver Sansom working hard to keep him in sight. Justin Reid was fifth but later disqualified for a late change of bike when on the line, this promoted Dean Dillon to fifth with Alfie Walker holding on for a safe sixth.

Oli Sansom – Image by Tracy Thacker


R1 R2 Total
1 Dafydd Davies 25 25 50
2 Mark McLernon 22 20 42
3 Oliver Sansom 16 18 34
4 Alfie Walker U21 18 15 33
5 Robbie Woods U21 14 14 28
6 Harry Walker 2 22 24
7 Kevin Meenagh 11 13 24
8 Chad Beevers U21 9 12 21
9 Aaron Heslett 10 11 21
10 Ayrton Knowles U21 13 8 21
11 Murray Graham 20 0 20
12 Jonny Kelly 8 10 18
13 Lestyn Rowland 15 3 18
14 Dean Dillon U21 1 16 17
15 Thomas Chell U21 12 4 16
16 Kyle Murphy 6 9 15
17 Marcus Sprason 5 7 12
18 Jack Young U21 4 6 10
19 Michael Hodges 3 5 8
20 Justin Reid 7 0 7

Tom Chell – Image by John Cook