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Winterburn rules the Electric roost! 2022/2023 EXGB British Electric X Championship – Race Report, Results & Final Standings

Winterburn rules the Electric roost! 2022/2023 EXGB British Electric X Championship – Race Report, Results & Final Standings

PCR-E Performance Factory Sur-Ron Racing’s Sam Winterburn, Talaria UK’s Isaac Ash, and Alfie Calvert all became the first-ever EXGB British Indoor Electric X Champions at the excellent indoor venue at the Wheeldon Off-Road Centre in Devon at the weekend.

Winterburn rattled off six Open championship race wins over the weekend which made it a clean sweep for the FIM X-plorer factory racer over the four-round series.

At Saturdays Round 3, Ben Clayton on the CAKE was Winterburn’s closest challenger but couldn’t get close enough to mount a challenge ending the day in second.

Rounding out the box on Saturday in the Open class was Robert Kendryna on the KTM who was solid throughout the weekend. Winterburns PCR-E Performance counterpart Chloe Richardson ended the day fourth ahead of Sur-Ron UK’s Beanie Reece and Anya Colley with Paul Frost seventh.

On Sunday Clayton had a machinery problem which elevated Kendryna to second and Richardson to third.

Over the four rounds, the Championship podium saw Winterburn on the top step, with Kendryna second and Reece third.

Isaac Ash was the racer in form in the Stock Mod class and stormed to 3 from 3 on Saturday giving him the round 3 victory ahead of Billy Warmsley and Louis Brookes. A mechanical issue befell Ash in race one on Sunday and with Brooks riding well he would take the Round 4 win ahead of Ash and Warmsley who took a nasty tumble in the final moto.

In the final Championship classification though Ash would be the victor ahead of Brooks with John Farleigh doing enough at rounds 1 & 2 to secure third.

Alfie Calvert was a dominant force in the Stock class and would add wins at Round 3 & 4 to his previous Round 1 & 2 trophy collection for a maximum amount of race wins and points over the series, taking the title over the entertaining Pierre Nakhla who was off of the box on Saturday but consolidated the number two series position with second on Sunday.

Saturday’s number two and three spots would go the way of EXGB debutants Tyler Nicol and Cameron Towner. Nicol would finish third on Sunday and by doing so claimed third place in the series behind champ Calvert and runner up Nakhla.

No EXGB event would be complete without a Super Final which sees the best riders from each class doing battle for the Dirt Hub laid on prize money. On Saturday the Stock front runners Calvert and Nakhla went off first followed 5 seconds later by the Stock Mod racers Ash and Warmsley who in turn fired off the line 5 seconds before the Open riders, Richardson, Kendryna, Clayton and Winterburn. The ten lap race saw a masterclass by Winterburn who by the end of lap five was in the lead and blitzing the field on his way to victory.

On Sunday the challenge was stepped up for Winterburn who had to start further behind his rivals. Ash would emerge from a great scrap with Calvert and Brookes with the lead, with Winterburn trawling through the pack. On this occasion though Winterburn couldn’t reel in the Talaria UK racer during the ten laps and would finish just a few seconds behind the young charger.

Alongside the Adult action, there were over 100 riders in the EXGB Youth classes and the Revvi South West Super Cup Electric Balance Bike event. A Race Report and Results for these will follow.

All eyes for the Adult racers will be on the EXGP championship which will be taking place over three weekends in the Summer at outdoor venues.


Round 3 – Saturday

Adult Open

1st Sam Winterburn
2nd Ben Clayton
3rd Robert Kendryna
4th Chloe Richardson
5th Beanie Reece
6th Anya Colley
7th Paul Frost

Stock Mod

1st Isaac Ash
2nd Billy Warmsley
3rd Louis Brooks


1st Alfie Calvert
2nd Tyler Nicol
3rd Pierre Nakhla
4th Cameron Towner

Round 4– Sunday

Adult Open

1st Sam Winterburn
2nd Robert Kendryna
3rd Chloe Richardson
4th Beanie Reece
5th Anya Colley
6th Paul Frost

Stock Mod

1st Louis Brookes
2nd Isaac Ash
3rd Billy Warmsley


1st Alfie Calvert
2nd Pierre Nakhla
3rd Tyler Nicol
4th Cameron Towner

Final Championship Standings


1st Sam Winterburn 72pts
2nd Robert Kendryna 62pts
3rd Beanie Reece 52pts
4th Paul Frost 46pts
5th Chloe Richardson 27pts
6th Billy Warmsley 26pts
7th Anya Colley 23pts
8th Ben Clayton 16pts

Stock Mod

1st Isaac Ash 68pts
2nd Louis Brookes 59pts
3rd John Farleigh 34pts
4th Billy Warmsley 30pts
5th Tyler Robertson. 14pts


1st Alfie Calvert 72pts
2nd Pierre Nakhla 62pts
3rd Tyler Nicol 29pts
4th Cameron Towner 27pts
5th John Gill 26pts
6th Mitchell Yeates 26pts
7th Finlay Taylor 13pts
8th Jon Free 11pts

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