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Trickett storms the Stour! South Coast Scramble Club – Badger Beer Scramble – Race Report and Results

Trickett storms the Stour! South Coast Scramble Club – Badger Beer Scramble – Race Report and Results

South Coast Scramble Club hosted the Badger Beer Scramble, the latest southern Classic and Twinshock meeting with packed entries at East Stour near Shaftesbury in Dorset. Situated on a hillside the track was set out ‘old school’ taking advantage of the natural obstacles with a mixture of fast flowing sections and some challenging up and downhill technical sections in amongst the trees.

Report by Andy Withers – Images courtesy of Awsportsphoto

Lewis Trickett has taken the Twinshock scene by storm this year on riding the 500cc PDS Triumph with multiple race wins but his clashes with Kristian Marshall on his Maico and Terry House on his Butler Maico have been one of the highlights of the season and this meeting did not disappoint. Riding in the premiere Twinshock A class over three races, Kristian Marshall made the holeshot in race one chased by Terry House with Lewis Trickett just inside the top six. By lap three Trickett was up to second and despite Marshall’s efforts he got by for a six second victory. House going out on lap four with a deflated front tyre.

Lewis Trickett takes the holshot in twinshock A7247 Terry House one win one second and one puncture

Race Two saw Luke Hickie make the holeshot on his Hickie BSA, but House got through quickly followed by Marshall and they pulled out a couple of seconds from the rest of the field by lap two. Trickett despite posting the fastest lap of the race could only get up to third. The decider saw Trickett make the holeshot chased by House, Bryan Withers and Marshall, but on the fourth turn Marshall’s lost his back brake ploughing into Withers. Trickett got away chased by House with Marcus Clare getting into third on his Curtis Honda. Marshall limped in eleventh with no back brake. Trickett took the overall from Clare and Marshall.

Tim Dallaway Pre74

With the classic class split into four groups racing was frantic, Tim Dallaway on his 500cc Hickie BSA was in fantastic form making the hole shot in two races and not being headed, picking up three race wins and three class victories in the over 350cc Pre 74 class. Peter Hollinshead on his big twin 650 cc BSA made the holeshot in race two leading for almost a lap before Dallaway came by, but he took three Pre 65 wins and two second places on track. It was a good day for the Hickie BSA’s as Colin Hickie took three under 350cc Pre65 victories. In the under 350cc Pre 74 class Richard Goddard on his Yamaha took three wins ahead of John Dallaway on his 350cc BSA.

Neil Aldridge Twin B

Twinshock B was very competitive but John Sparrow’s consistency on his 500cc Yamaha gave him overall victor with a second and two thirds, race victories went to Allen Waring, Neil Alexander and Mark Dean. Dean and Alexander were second and third overall.

In Twinshock C Karl Beeston retired in race one and followed this up with two race wins but Stephen Mitton on his Husqvarna with a second third and fourth was the overall winner from Pete Riley. The spectacular Andy McDonagh took the first race win whilst Steve Tomlin was the top 125cc runner on his Yamaha ahead of Dan Drake. In the Twinshock D class Paul Clarke on his KTM took three start to finish wins, winning race two by over twenty seconds. Chris Sparrow got within ten seconds of Clarke in races one and three. South Coast Scramble Club ran a very well organised meeting keeping everyone safe under the Covid Regulations.

House and Hickie make the hole shot


Twinshock A
Lewis Trickett PDS Triumph 50 45 50 145
Marcus Clare Curtis Honda 45 43 45 133
Kristian Marshall Maico 47 47 34 129
Tom Paulley Maico 43 41 41 125
Marcus Feltham Rovarna 40 40 43 123
Stephen Folland Maico 41 39 40 120

Peter Hollinshead Pre65


Pre65 Over
Peter Hollinshead BSA 50 50 50 150
Roger Dunford BSA 47 47 47 141
Paul Arnold Tri Metisse 43 45 45 133

Pre65 Under
Colin Hickie Hickie BSA 50 50 50 150
Julian Richards BSA 45 47 — 92

Pre74 Over
Tim Dallaway Hickie BSA 50 50 50 150
Phil Nichols CZ 47 47 45 139
Mitchell Harris Woods BSA 45 45 47 137

Pre74 Under
Richard Goddard Yamaha 50 50 50 150
John Dallaway BSA 47 47 45 139
Robert Matheson Bultaco 45 45 47 137

James Sparrow Twin B

Twinshock B
James Sparrow Yamaha 47 45 45 137
Mark Dean Honda 43 41 50 134
Neil Aldridge Husqvarna 40 50 39 129

Twinshock C
Stephen Mitton Husqvarna 43 45 47 135
Peter Riley Yamaha 39 40 45 124
Darren Kendall Suzuki 37 43 41 121

Top 125cc Steve Tomlin

Steve Tomlin Yamaha 50 47 47 144
Dan Drake Suzuki 45 43 45 133
Paul McMorran Yamaha 47 50 — 97

Twinshock D
Paul Clarke KTM 50 50 50 150
Peter Chambers Honda 41 47 43 131
Matt Taylor Maico 39 40 45 124

Stephen Mitton Twin C winner