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Tom is Topman again! Lincolnshire Enduro Club – Race Report and Results

Tom is Topman again! Lincolnshire Enduro Club – Race Report and Results


Duck Smart

So, due to a thing called Covid which crops up on the news now and again, most riders will have been out of action for some months now.

Report and Images by Martin Southwick

With no race series for 2020, and with restrictions eased somewhat recently, the Lincolnshire Enduro Club promoted a one-off race at the weekend, and went big. With slightly questionable weather over the previous week, riders will have appreciated the perfect racing weather presented to them on race day at Dembleby Heath farm. In the end, it was dry with clear blue skies and light winds.

The club had massive fields, in more ways that one. With one of longest race tracks seen in the club’s short history, the 10-mile course attracted one of the biggest number of entrants ever seen, and with nearly 140 riders on the start line, its obvious riders have been missing their “need for speed” !

The event even went international as one rider came from Germany to compete. With several wooded sections, quarries and super fast farmland to negotiate, (some of which were described at “gloopy” !) a familiar name came out on top once more after 3 hours of racing.

Thomas Braddock, on his Dave Barkshire Motorcycles KTM, doesn’t appear at every LEC event, but when he does, it generally leads to a race win. In fact, apart from a ‘mechanical’ 4 years ago at Tattershall, he has now won every LEC race he has entered. And, his winning streak didn’t abate at the weekend. His 9 Laps were the same number recorded as the next few riders, but a little over two minutes in front of 2nd placed man, Danny Catlin. Making up the podium places, Mark Lonsdale was a further 5 minutes adrift.

In the Clubman race, two riders finished with 8 laps completed. Ryhan leighton came out on top, two minutes in front of Rob miller, with Sam Reed a further lap behind. Less than two minutes separated first and second placed men. One of the biggest winning margins of the day was in the Sportsman 2T class. Once again, all the top 3 riders did 8 laps but at the end of 180 minutes, Carl Smalley had a winning margin of some 14 minutes over second-placed rider Ben Harrison. Ryan Clarke was 5 minutes behind that.

Another familiar name on the local enduro scene was on the top step in the Sportsman 4T class. This time it was one of the younger Tapper family members, Joe, who won his class with Alex Shaw on the same laps but some 4 minutes down. Harry Hinckley made up the podium places. Eight riders achieved the same amount of laps in the Over 40’s section. A ten minute blanket-covered those riders, although it was rather less than that at the front end. Michael Harris won by some two minutes from Sydney Richardson. David Batters was a similar distance behind that.

Ian Shepherd won the over 50’s class by quite a margin, some 7 minutes. It was a bit closer between the next two lads though, Nigel Ross beating Stuart Cryer by 3 minutes, for runners up spot. The top 6 in class were all on the same amount of laps when the flag went down.

Club stalwart Kevin Bartle won the over 60’s group and was a lap in front of Anthony Williamson who in turn was a further lap in front of John Cotterill. Sean Avison won the Trail and classic section. Once again a special shout out should go to the Beginners in the race. In the past there has been races with nobody on that particular start line. This time there was eleven riders though. Adrian Sheehan came out on top with 7 laps with Will Batters one lap distant, and Dean Dixon on 5. Well done folks.

The club would like to say a big thank you to all marshalls, helpers, first aid people (https://www.strike-zone.co.uk/first-aid-event-cover) Catering staff (https://www.facebook.com/rosiescountrykitche/), Timekeepers (https://ticktocktiming.co.uk/lec) and above all, the riders for such a great day.

All being well with Covid etc, the club is holding another race on November 1st. (Ashby Peurorum) Entries for that are now open, on the ACU website. There are also plans for a practice day on December 27th. Venue etc TBC.

Keep a lookout for details on the club’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LincolnshireEnduroClub


Position Name Class Laps Total time
1st Thomas Braddock Expert 9 3h10’05
2nd Danny Catlin Expert 9 3h12’24
3rd Rhyan Leighton Clubman 9 3h16’44
4th Mark Lonsdale Expert 9 3h17’44
5th Rob Miller Clubman 9 3h18’03
6th Daniel Maxey Expert 8 2h52’32
7th Sam Reed Clubman 8 3h00’16
8th Ben Hovell Clubman 8 3h00’34
9th Lee Hattersley Expert 8 3h02’48
10th Carl Smalley Sportsman 2T 8 3h03’43
11th Johnathan Pearson Expert 8 3h03’52
12th Michael Greaves Clubman 8 3h03’56
13th Ethan Champion Clubman 8 3h04’54
14th George Pearce Clubman 8 3h07’37
15th Thomas Hobbs Clubman 8 3h07’50
16th Michael Haris Over 40 8 3h07’59
17th Josh Wilson Clubman 8 3h08’27
18th Ian Shepherd Over 50 8 3h08’47
19th Sydney Richardson Over 40 8 3h09’25
20th Sean Thompson Clubman 8 3h09’53
21st Gary Curtis Clubman 8 3h10’51
22nd Carl Gordon Clubman 8 3h11’18
23rd Jason Wittering Clubman 8 3h11’44
24th David Batters Over 40 8 3h11’54
25th Gregory Simms Clubman 8 3h12’13
26th Ben Harrison Sportsman 2T 8 3h14’13
27th Gary Hanson Over 40 8 3h15’15
28th Justin Lawson Over 40 8 3h15’44
29th Darren Cox Expert 8 3h16’21
30th Nigel Ross Over 50 8 3h16’24
31st Dean Kent Over 40 8 3h17’04
32nd Steven Buckthorpe Expert 8 3h17’15
33rd Joe Tapper Sportsman 4T 8 3h18’11
34th Jules Croft Over 40 8 3h18’53
35th Ben Grice Expert 8 3h18’54
36th Stuart Cryer Over 50 8 3h19’22
37th Ryan Clark Sportsman 2T 8 3h20’01
38th Alex Shaw Sportsman 4T 8 3h22’01
39th Stephen Johnson Over 50 8 3h32’39
40th Daniel Smith Expert 8 3h33’51
41st Allen Smith Over 50 8 3h37’56
42nd Jonathan Masters Clubman 7 3h01’40
43rd Jake Norton Sportsman 2T 7 3h01’52
44th Naill Bowker Clubman 7 3h02’27
45th Chris Belford Clubman 7 3h03’11
46th Harry Hinkley Sportsman 4T 7 3h03’21
47th Russell Kenward Clubman 7 3h03’31
48th Kevin Bartle Over 60 7 3h04’22
49th Alex Cumberland Clubman 7 3h05’34
50th Richard Holmes Over 50 7 3h07’21
51st Steven Dickinson Over 50 7 3h07’28
52nd Troy Seabrook Sportsman 2T 7 3h07’45
53rd Jonathan Railton Clubman 7 3h07’55
54th Adrian Sheehan Beginner 7 3h08’44
55th Jason McCullum Sportsman 4T 7 3h09’01
56th Ryan Overton Sportsman 2T 7 3h09’40
57th Will Peck Sportsman 4T 7 3h10’03
58th Anthony Adams Over 40 7 3h10’32
59th Matthew Valentine Sportsman 2T 7 3h10’53
60th Kieron Moore Sportsman 2T 7 3h13’55
61st Robin Mckinnon Over 40 7 3h14’23
62nd Tony Woods Over 40 7 3h14’29
63rd Gawaine Clark Over 50 7 3h14’29
64th Stephen Kemp Over 50 7 3h14’33
65th Connor Robinson Sportsman 2T 7 3h15’28
66th Spencer Barlow Over 40 7 3h16’45
67th Steve Langley Over 50 7 3h17’55
68th Sam Matthews Clubman 7 3h18’35
69th Adam Harrison Sportsman 2T 7 3h18’41
70th Tony Racey Over 40 7 3h18’57
71st Martin Pickard Over 50 7 3h20’11
72nd Aaron Bourne Sportsman 4T 7 3h20’17
73rd Simon Owen Sportsman 2T 7 3h27’09
74th Kevin Robertson Over 40 7 3h32’48
75th Jack Dwane Clubman 6 2h43’17
76th Jake Wright Expert 6 2h47’03
77th David Richman Sportsman 4T 6 2h48’04
78th Joshua Hamilton Clubman 6 2h48’56
79th Peter Webb Over 50 6 2h52’37
80th Mark Mumby Over 50 6 2h55’59
81st Andrew Ward Sportsman 2T 6 3h02’15
82nd Dean Harper Over 40 6 3h07’44
83rd Robert Wilson Sportsman 4T 6 3h09’20
84th Stuart Ward Over 40 6 3h09’24
85th Radley Hughes Over 40 6 3h10’57
86th Simon Ruck Sportsman 2T 6 3h11’07
87th Mark Harvey Over 40 6 3h12’28
88th Will Batters Beginner 6 3h14’12
89th Anthony Williamson Over 60 6 3h14’40
90th Mark Scrimshaw Over 40 6 3h14’43
91st Stephen Slater Sportsman 4T 6 3h15’51
92nd Carl Moxon Sportsman 4T 6 3h19’45
93rd Andrew Burchnall Over 40 6 3h20’34
94th Joe Harrison Sportsman 2T 6 3h21’30
95th Kevin Dennis Over 40 6 3h21’58
96th Richard Vawser Over 50 6 3h23’30
97th Shaun Avison Trail/ Classic 6 3h23’50
98th Elliot Milburn Clubman 5 1h51’50
99th Duncan Oliver Over 40 5 2h17’50
100th Dean Dixon Beginner 5 2h18’38
101st David Gamble Clubman 5 2h25’18
102nd Tom Barnard Beginner 5 2h26’38
103rd Chris Boswell Sportsman 2T 5 2h45’24
104th Lewis Hadlow Beginner 5 2h57’25
105th David Robinson Sportsman 2T 5 3h03’40
106th Paul Redford Over 50 5 3h04’57
107th Christopher Wakes Over 50 5 3h05’50
108th John Kiernan Over 50 5 3h07’37
109th Jeffray Leung Beginner 5 3h09’05
110th John Cotterill Over 60 5 3h11’48
111th Nicholas Whitehead Over 40 4 1h35’00
112th Daniel Wheat Clubman 4 1h49’47
113th Kevin Crown Over 50 4 1h51’15
114th Adam Jones Beginner 4 2h25’21
115th Bejamin East Beginner 4 2h43’25
116th Ben Donald Sportsman 2T 4 3h10’21
117th KR McCullum Over 50 4 3h14’36
118th Ben Hamilton Expert 3 1h11’32
119th Sean Martin Sportsman 4T 3 1h21’16
120th Rikki Harris Clubman 3 1h22’35
121st Adam Savage Over 50 3 1h23’23
122nd Jason Teale Over 50 3 1h29’23
123rd Philip Sheldon Sportsman 4T 3 1h46’33
124th Matt Harris Clubman 2 47’13
125th Brett Pocock Expert 2 49’38
126th Dan Green Clubman 2 50’18
127th Matthew Parkinson Clubman 2 53’32
128th Rob Fewster Beginner 2 2h03’40
129th Neil Munton Clubman 1 26’54
130th Jason Brown Sportsman 4T 1 29’05
131st James Clark Over 50 1 40’47
132nd Paul Smith Over 60 1 54’47
133rd Thomas Bromell Beginner 1 1h02’04