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The Winners Circle – Cody Spacagna

The Winners Circle – Cody Spacagna

Cody Spacagna becomes the latest racer to join The Winners Circle after coming out on top of the 2022 Kensworth MXC MXY1 2 Stroke Championship after a season-long dual with Joseph Hawkes.

Images courtesy of Image MX and Anthony Hilton

Here is what the 16-year-old from Eastleigh who plys his trade on a 2021 KTM 125 had to say about his championship-winning season…

Dirt Hub: What were your goals leading up to the championship?

Cody: Leading up to the season my main goal was to be fit, confident and I was really hoping to be on the podium

DH: What were your favourite and least favourite tracks in the series?

Cody: My favourite track was Mildenhall, & my least favourite was Milton Malsor as it went rock hard & didn’t rut or rough up

DH: What was your best round of the championship and why?

Cody: My best round of the season was probably the first round at Mildenhall, because it gave me the belief that i had a chance of winning the championship.

DH: What was your worst round of the series and why?

Cody: Without a doubt it has to be Round 8, which was at Winterbourne Gunner, as if I had a good day, I could of secured the championship, but in race 1, I collided mid air with another rider, I was a bit battered but still went on the line for the re-run, I did manage to finish the race, but just couldn’t finish the day!

DH: Who are your biggest rivals in the series?

Cody: Now that is a hard question as each track suited a different rider, which meant I had multiple battles with Joe Hawkes, Mikey Ward, Kyron Carron, Harvey Antrobus, Tyler Etheridge and Alfie Gomm.

DH: How do you feel to win the championship?

Cody: It felt amazing, because it was the first Championship I had ever won, I felt really proud of myself for what I had achieved

DH: Who would you like to thank for their support?

Cody: I would like to thank my parents for all their support and allowing me to do all that I do,
& also to Trevor Pope for all the help with the bike, and Simon Marsden at LRS for helping me get the best feeling out of my suspension

DH: What are your plans for 2023?

Cody: I will be competing in the MX Nationals series & the Kensworth mxc championship, I will also be doing my first international at Hawkstone Park I would also really love the chance to race the EMX class at Matterley at the end of the year.