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Testing MXGP of Italy for Gabriel SS24 KTM

Testing MXGP of Italy for Gabriel SS24 KTM

The MXGP of Italy in Maggiora saw Cas Valk wildcarding for the Gabriel SS24 KTM team again. He had 16th in free practice and 20th in timed practice, and he had a strong ride in the RAM qualifying race, securing 8th. In Sunday’s races on a technical track after heavy rainfall, he had 14th in race one and 19th in race two after struggling with stomach cramps.

Cas: “The weekend started quite good with a good p8 in the qualifying race, on Sunday I struggled to find my flow so it was not easy but I’m looking forward again to this weekend for the British championship!”

Josh Gilbert started the weekend off strong with a 14th in free practice and put in an impressive time in timed practice with a 9th!  Despite tricky track conditions, Josh liked the track and layout and was hoping for a good RAM qualifying result, but this wasn’t to be. Unfortunately, he was involved in a first-turn crash, and with another bike falling on him, it resulted in a dislocated shoulder. After being assessed by the medical team and this being the first occurrence they ruled him out of racing for Sunday. This was a huge blow for both Josh and the team after showing promise. Josh will undergo further assessment this week and we will make a clear plan on our next steps.

Josh: “Just when I start to think I’m getting back to where I should be… felt really good on Saturday despite the tricky conditions and qualified 9th in timed practice but unfortunately got caught up in a first turn crash in the qualifying race, a bike come down on me and dislocated my shoulder. Thankfully it went back in okay and didn’t chip any bone. I’m not giving up here, I will work hard on recovery and come back stronger again!”

Team Manager Shaun Simpson: “A very testing weekend in Maggiora. Both riders showed great promise but things just didn’t swing our way this weekend. I really feel for Josh as he was just coming back in to form but he’s a strong character so we will work to have him back asap! Cas just had an off weekend and I’m sure he will bounce back this weekend at Blaxhall.”

Words by Gabriel SS24 KTM – Images by Ray Archer