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Stu Edmonds on the look out for a 2023 ride!

Stu Edmonds on the look out for a 2023 ride!

Team Ireland Motocross of Nations racer Stuart Edmonds has revealed on his Social Media pages that after five years with the Apico Husqvarna team he is now on the lookout for a new team or he will be possibly starting up his own Team 162 set-up.

His full statement said:

“After 5 years riding for @apicohusqvarna it has come to an end. I would like to thank Dylan (@dylanbrown6941) and Anna (@erikssonale) for their support and hospitality over the years and taking me into their home, along with the rest of the @apicofactoryracing family. You all made me feel a part of the business. Its been an amazing journey and opportunity to ride for you guys and i’ll have memories to cherish for years to come. Thank You 💕

“With that being said 2023 is unplanned now and I will be looking for a spot on a team or I will possibly have to get Team 162 up and running provided i can get support😅. I put everything into my racing and I am just as motivated to win now as I ever have. I will continue to be motivated going into next year and you will see me racing no matter what but on what bike or team I am unsure of! Either way I will put everything i can into being on the line!! #thankyou”

Dirt Hub would like to wish Stu the best of luck with finding a team or with setting up his own.