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ScotMX introduce new 2 Stroke class for 2022!

ScotMX introduce new 2 Stroke class for 2022!


Duck Smart

ScotMX will be running a new adult 2-stroke class which will be part of the SACU Official Scottish Motocross Championship in 2022.

Feature Image by Raymond Thomson – Madmaxmedia

This exciting addition to the series will be contested over 3 motos each Saturday of all 6 rounds, with two classes available in the 2-stroke Championship 🏁

– 150 (125cc up to 150cc), and
– Open (151cc up to 500cc) – will compete together but will be scored separately.

Riders who have already registered in the existing ScotMX Adult Championship classes for 2022 can also register for this 2-stroke class (registration form and fee required per class).

If you would like to switch class (for example Adult B to Open 2-stroke) then please let the ScotMX team know as this may give an opportunity to riders currently on reserve for a place in the already full Adult B & C classes.

With the undying love for 2stroke mx bikes and persistent demand for this class, they look forward to welcoming new competitors along to ScotMX next year 😃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Registration remains Open for the 2022 ScotMX Championship in All Youth classes, and adult MX1, MX2, and Vets

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