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Royal Enfield is Official Headline Sponsor of the 2024 DTRA Flat Track Nationals Series as well as Launching the First Ever “Slide School Cup”

Royal Enfield is Official Headline Sponsor of the 2024 DTRA Flat Track Nationals Series as well as Launching the First Ever “Slide School Cup”

Building on its support for grassroots motorsport, Royal Enfield continues to show commitment to the flat track season as headline sponsor of the 2024 DTRA Flat Track Nationals Series.

For 2024, Royal Enfield is running a new prototype Sherpa 450 race bike, based on its new 450cc engine, alongside the TwinsFT run last year. Experienced racer Gary Birtwistle continues to fly the flag for RE, racing in both Pro and Twins classes, respectively.

Complementing the sponsorship of the DTRA is Royal Enfield’s Slide Schools, an official experience partner initiative to offer an accessible flat track experience worldwide, and run in the UK by Gary Birtwistle across a series of dates at select venues nationwide.

Slide School launched in 2021, with the aim of bringing enthusiastic riders to the dirt track, teaching skills across a day long course that will enable participants to feel sufficiently confident to engage with amateur DTRA events, as well as giving them vital handling skills that will stand them in excellent stead both on and off the road.

Slide School has been a huge success across the world, with schools in the UK, India, the US, Italy and the Netherlands joined this month with the newest school in Thailand. To capture the excitement and enthusiasm generated among riders in Europe, Royal Enfield is launching “The Slide School Cup,” offering a neat path into a specially created DTRA event, which will bring the top three riders from each Slide School across the European schools together to compete in a specially created class at an end of series event in September.

Says Adrian Sellers, Head – Custom & Motorsport, Royal Enfield, “Royal Enfield has always been about supporting grassroots initiatives, and DTRA is a perfect embodiment of our guiding principles of providing fun and accessibility to all riders. We launched Royal Enfield into DTRA in 2021 and even we were taken by surprise by the enthusiasm and support for the concept.

“Every year we think hard about how we can build on the previous year’s success and how we can open up to even more enthusiastic riders who want to have a go on the dirt. Slide Schools, alongside our DTRA sponsorship, is our way of giving back to the community and actively trying to grow it – as Slide School is the perfect access point for any rider wanting to get stuck in. The community created along the way, and the fun we have with creating racing bikes for the track adds to the excitement. We can’t wait to see who joins us for our debut Slide School Cup at the end of the season.”

For further information on the DTRA and dates, please visit the website here.
For further information on Slide School and 2024 dates, please visit the website here.