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PREVIEW: Paris Supercross celebrates its 40th Anniversary with stellar line-up!

PREVIEW: Paris Supercross celebrates its 40th Anniversary with stellar line-up!

The iconic Paris Supercross celebrates its 40th Anniversary this weekend, and true to the glory days when its home was at the atmospheric Bercy venue, this year’s celebration has attracted most of the very best in the world to the Paris La Defense Arena.  Here we see the updated entry list, a map or two of the circuit, and how to watch the action!

Words: Ben Rumbold, Featured Image: Paris Supercross

The biggest names lining up are undoubtedly the Lawrence brothers, both making their 450cc Supercross debuts within the walls of the Paris Arena. What will happen if they go head-to-head? The World Supercross Champion, Ken Roczen, will also be there after recovering from his Abu Dhabi crash, and his nemesis from the AMA circuit, Cooper Webb, will be keen to make his return to Yamaha the bigger story of the weekend.  Sadly, Justin Barcia has been unable to get fit in time for Paris, so the five-time Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton will be there in his place with the help of the SR Honda team, and looking to repeat his podium visit of 2022.  Gregory Aranda, the new King of Stuttgart, and countryman Cedric Soubeyras will be hoping to get their home crowd behind them after showing good speed at the Abu Dhabi GP. Former World MX2 Champion Jordi Tixier will also be in the mix.

Hunter Lawrence takes on his brother for the first time on the factory 450 Honda. (Image: Team HRC Honda USA)

The SX2 class looks just as hot, with two-time MX2 World Champion Tom Vialle keen to tap into the fervent energy from the fans, and he will need it to deal with Jo Shimoda, who makes his debut for the factory Honda squad.  The International riders will be joined by the top 8 from the French Championship SX2 classes, who will race in the afternoon before the main evening show.

Entry List


  • #2 Cooper WEBB (USA – Yamaha Star Racing)
  • #6 Thomas RAMETTE (F – Yamaha GSM Dafy Michelin)
  • #10 Justin BRAYTON (USA – Honda France – SR Suttel)
  • #12 Justin STARLING (USA – Honda FR25-Suttel)
  • #18 Jett LAWRENCE (AUS – American Honda Red Bull)
  • #20 Grégory ARANDA (F – Yamaha GSM Dafy Michelin)
  • #46 Justin HILL (USA – Bud Racing Kawasaki)
  • #72 Lucas IMBERT (F – Yamaha New Bike)
  • #85 Cédric SOUBEYRAS (F – MM85 CBO Honda)
  • #94 Ken ROCZEN (GER – SUZUKI HEP Progressive)
  • #96 Hunter LAWRENCE (AUS – American Honda Red Bull)
  • #137 Adrien ESCOFFIER (F – Husqvarna CRC)
  • #727 Boris MAILLARD (F – Suzuki Johannes-Bikes)
  • #848 Joan CROS (SP – Seakings Kawasaki Euromoto85)
  • #911 Jordi TIXIER (F – Honda Nils)
  • #589 Killian POLL (F – KTM) substitute


  • #1 Matt MOSS (AUS – Kawasaki Bud Racing)
  • #28 Tom VIALLE (F – KTM Red Bull Factory)
  • #30 Jo SHIMODA (USA – American Honda)
  • #43 Cullin PARK (USA – Honda SR Motoblouz Ship to Cycle)
  • #335 Enzo POLIAS (F – KTM Milwaukee)
  • #389 Jules PIETRE (F-Yamaha)
  • #401 Jace OWEN (USA – Yamaha GSM Dafy Michelin)
  • #945 Anthony BOURDON (F – Bud Racing Kawasaki)

+ the top 8 SX Tour riders


  • #11 Calvin FONVIELLE (F – KTM TMV)
  • #22 Mickaël LAMARQUE (F – KTM)
  • #42 Josh VARIZE (USA – Stark Varg) – WILDCARD
  • #81 Brian HSU (D-Yamaha)
  • #141 Maxime DESPREY (F – Yamaha GSM Dafy Michelin)
  • #225 Charles LEFRANCOIS (F – Honda SR Motoblouz Ship to Cycle)
  • #236 Anthony GROSJEAN (F – Kawasaki)
  • #388 Andrea BONIFACIO (F – Husqvarna)
  • #420 Pierre LOZZI (F-Kawasaki)
  • #505 Dorian KOCH (F-KTM)
  • #751 Germain JAMET (F – Yamaha)
  • # 773 Thomas DO (F – Stark Varg) – WILDCARD
  • #938 Maxence MORA (F – Kawasaki)
  • #965 Hugo MANZATO (F – Husqvarna)

Defending King of Paris, Ken Roczen, looks to defend his crown this weekend. (Image: WSX)

How To Watch

The great news for MXGP fans is that their 2023 season pass will also apply to the Paris Supercross! So that’s no extra cost at all, a nice little end of season bonus for you!

If you haven’t got his pass, then you can pay a one-off fee of £10.99 to tune in to Paris itself at this link:

French language viewers can catch the whole show live here:

Circuit Design

Here is what the event team says about the circuit:

For a successful Supercross, with intensity, overtaking, twists and turns, spectacle, you need a track that is up to the event. What is good is that, in France, we are lucky to be able to count on the skills of the JLFO teams. For this 40th Edition, it was obviously necessary to make a big splash and work on a modern, selective track, offering a maximum of solutions to the riders. It is with this in mind that the circuit has been designed, as confirmed by the excellent Cédric Lucas: “The aim is to offer the maximum spectacle to the public and of course a track on which all the riders can have fun and express themselves at their best. This year, we have a long starting straight with a left-hand curve at the end. You will have to be precise at the inside point to directly attack the two waves of the straight in width. We have also imagined two technical sequences, placed on the two ends to make the most of the length. In terms of the big jumps, we will be served with a triple and the hump that serves as a landing for the FMX riders. There is of course a nice series of whoops with a 180° turn at the end, a section conducive to block-passing.”

For Jean-Luc Fouchet, there’s no doubt about it, the analysis is the same, we should be in for a treat: “With six left-hand corners, it should encourage overtaking. Riders will be able to delay their braking as much as possible, with the brake side boot remaining on the footpeg. We also have five 180° straight lines that will provide opportunities to attempt attacks. With the big turn placed at the landing of the FMX bump, several ruts should also form before launching into the whoops. As Cédric mentioned, two long lines of sequences cross the room on either side, in front of the audience. The sandy section also promises to be interesting, conditioned by a successful passage on the three previous climbs. With all our teams, we will also maintain the circuit throughout the weekend with harrowing and controlled watering in order to keep the best possible quality of soil for two days.”

Just like school: follow the squiggly line, children!