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Plews Tyres is launched! New Global tyre brand joins the market!

Plews Tyres is launched! New Global tyre brand joins the market!

Josh Plews, the former founder and owner of Gibson Tyre Technology, a global brand that he founded back in 2014 and later sold to Niemann-Frey in 2019, has today launched his brand new race tyre Motocross & Enduro Brand “PLEWS TYRES”.

Josh described the new range of tyres in his press release and here is what he had to say:

We have created a world leading range of tyres with performance capable of winning at any level in the world, with light weight high performance race bred tyres, with years of R&D and testing gone into creating this incredible range of ultra high performance race tyre products.

We have two clear segments,

For motocross, the tyres are named after famous British motocross race circuits, tracks that we will aim to race on in 2023 and win, with our Pro motocross racing partners “Ultimate Wheels honda” & “Lexa MX pro racing team”


All tyres are made using the finest grade of polyester material that is light weight, offering great comfort and traction, with a compound that has been designed in the UK using a blend of race tyre designed ingredients such as Silica, race tyre grade natural rubber and 100% carbon black for increased durability and performance.

Our Enduro tyre range is again, designed with only one thing in mind, to win races and to cater to what the racer needs,We have two types of Enduro tyres, Classic Enduro or Extreme Enduro.

The Grand Prix tyre is our race tyre for use in WEC and BEC style classic enduro races, the name Grand Prix comes from the concept behind the R&D teams philosophy, create a WEC/BEC tyre that is capable of winning Grand Prix’s.

90/90-21 – ECE – DOT – Meets FIM requirements
90/100-21 ECE – DOT – Meets FIM requirements
140/80-18 – ECE – DOT – Meets FIM requirements

“Extreme Enduro tyre “
EN1 “The Tough One”
140/80-18 – Super Soft Competition race tyre

The Tough One, Named after the UK “The tough one” Extreme Enduro race, is a super light weight extremely sticky super soft compound tyre, years of R&D and testing has gone into producing this tyre, we wanted to created a tyre that can stand up to the gnarly condition’s of extreme Enduro, each year the benchmark for a world leading extreme Enduro tyre increases and the demands for a tyre that can last longer and offer increased level of grip and comfort all round create a tremendous challenge for our R&D team.

We designed the whole tyre from concept to prototype with only one goal, to create the very best, world leading Extreme Enduro tyre, the carcass uses a 2 Ply polyester carcass that is light weight, flexible and soft, with a compound that has ultra tacky and sticky, high grade silica, carbon black and polymers, all blended and tested to ensure that its capable of out performing every tyre on the market in terms of performance and durability.

Mousses – We’re in the final stages of development for our full range of mousses for Motocross and Enduro. The mousse is again designed for racing, ultra-high performance and made in Italy. We will announce the launch of our mousses in March.

If you’d like to become a dealer or distributor please contact me to discuss the opportunity josh@plewstyres.com

Visit our website www.plewstyres.com