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Jake Nicholls “the end of the road for me and top level racing”

Jake Nicholls “the end of the road for me and top level racing”


Jake Nicholls has announced on his social media that he is retiring from Pro level racing after posting up a picture of a nasty injury to his back and shoulder this evening.

Coming off of the back of a podium finish at the Lyng round of the Revo ACU British Motocross Championship, Jake also pays tribute to the understanding of his Crendon Fasttrack Honda Racing team boss Dave Thorpe on his post.

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“This means the end of the road for me and top level racing, for no other reason other than I’m fed up of it beating the shit out of me like it has. I will still play at it – ride and race because I love the sport, I’m grateful I can still do it and it is such a big part of my life from friends to my only way of switching off, and I’m still half decent at it! Focus though now is on family/friends and evolving our business!

“Thank you to my team @hondaracingmx for understanding/helping me make this decision, Dave you are a true friend. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters, I will still be out there every now and again so you won’t be able to completely forget about me ;-).

“Not a sob story, I’m gracious in defeat, fortunate to be where I am and still smiling (Although fairly fucked off inside).”

As it says within Jake’s post it won’t be the last we see of him at the racetrack but we wish Jake the best of luck with the business and thank him for the years of entertainment he has given us at the GP’s and at the British!

Pictures courtesy of Jake Nicholls