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Dirty Dozen with Brett Wilkinson

Dirty Dozen with Brett Wilkinson

British Sidecarcross Racer Brett Wilkinson has had his fair share of ups and downs in the last couple of years, winning the British Championship in 2018 and suffering a season-ending injury in 2019, but his work ethic is certainly second to none and you can be sure he will be lining up in the World and British Championships more prepped and ready than ever in 2020…

Images courtesy of  WSC, Stijn Vanoverbeke and Vandraq Studio

Dive into his Dirty Dozen questions via the below…

Dirt Hub: Do you have a Pre-Race Playlist you listen too, and if so name a couple of tracks that are on it?

Brett: David Guetta, Tiesto, Jax Jones and Foo Fighters

DH: When was the last time you cried?

Brett: When I was injured in April 2019 at the first GP In Belgium and to be told you have fractured your spine and some vertebrae and will miss most of the season after all the hard work you have put in!!

DH: What is your favourite inspirational quote?

Brett: “Wake up with determination…….Go to bed with satisfaction!”

DH: Do you have any weird suspicions or pre-race rituals?

Brett: Always put my left side knee brace and sock and boot on first….. Always drop your new helmet before you wear it!

DH: What drives you most to get up in the morning and go training?

Brett: The thought of winning a British title again and chasing the world championship! You get one shot at something like this in your lifetime so make the best of it while you can, and work hard for it!

DH: If you didn’t race what sport would you play or take part in?

Brett: Karting or car racing but if you mean not racing at all I’d play football I enjoy that!

DH: What is your biggest Phobia?

Brett: Wasps

DH: Who is your biggest sporting idol and why?

Brett: Etienne Bax 2019 World Sidecarcross champion because he makes it look easy yet do fast! And his passenger Kaspars Stupelis a man who dedicates his life to Sidecarcross and fitness for the sport and never gives in! 💪🏽

DH: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Brett: Top three world championship contender and a few more British titles in the bag 😉

DH: What is your all-time favourite movie?

Brett: Inbetweeners or hangover

DH: Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

Brett: My Dad! always been there to support me in the good and the bad times which is hard to come by sometimes! Preps my engines perfectly too! 💪🏽

DH: What is your philosophy on life?

Brett: Live for the day and always remember there are people that would give everything to get a chance to be doing what we do! So enjoy it, have fun and work hard! 💪🏽