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2023 MX Nationals – Dates & Venues – 2 new tracks

2023 MX Nationals – Dates & Venues – 2 new tracks

The MX Nationals have released their finalised list of dates and venues for their 2023 championship with two new venues added into the mix.

Feature image courtesy of Elliot Spencer – MX Nationals

Round one starts at the sand based Oakhanger venue near Bordon in Hampshire, and round two is at the Monster Mountain venue in South Wales

A newly revamped Preston Docks is set for round three while last years debutant venue Oxford Moto Parc also returns to the schedule as has Cusses Gorse and Hawkstone Park.

The full list of dates and venues is:

Round 1 – 11th & 12th March @ Oakhanger, near Bordon

Round 2 – 6th & 7th May @ Monster Mountain MX, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Round 3 – 3rd & 4th June @ Preston Docks

Round 4 -8th & 9th July @ Oxford Moto Parc, Abingdon

Round 5 – 5th & 6th August @ Cusses Gorse MX, near Salisbury

Round 6 – 2nd & 3rd September @ Hawkstone Park