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Wet & Windy Wroxton! Portsmouth MXC Club Championship Round 11 – Race Report and Results

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Wet & Windy Wroxton! Portsmouth MXC Club Championship Round 11 – Race Report and Results



The very popular Wroxton circuit was the venue for Portsmouth MX Clubs annual fundraiser for Brad Hooper, who has sadly been gone for five years now. The forecast wasn’t looking good but the club stormed ahead with the meeting, with strong winds making racing very testing. After a well-respected minute silence and a lovely parade lap by the Rookies in Brad’s honour, racing got underway.

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Click466

MX2 were out first with Preston Williams making his first appearance of the day. Desperate for the top prize money, he whipped his way over the jumps and pushed himself to the limit in the second moto to grab the win and the overall victory. Todd Leadbitter tasted glory in race one, a brilliant race seeing him hold off William’s challenge. With a third in race two he secured second overall. Bill Moynes made his first appearance too, ploughing his way through his rivals to move into third then second to grab third overall.

MX1, Brad Wheeler was the Wroxton Wizard, obliterating the rest of the field, and made it look easy, going 1-1 to pick up first prize. Nicky watts was back on top form, and wasn’t letting Wheeler out of his sight in race two, inching ever closer to a race win. Going 4-2 he picked up the second prize money envelope, which he generously donated to the Brad fund. Bill Moynes made his second appearance, straight out from his first show on the track, and rode superbly well to pick up two third spots and third place overall.

Brad Wheeler (15) MX1 start

Oliver Ruddock showed the rest of the big wheels who was boss, leading from start to finish to take home the number 1 plate, a flawless day going 1-1. Larry Harper was not far behind, going 2-2 for the runner up spot. Cody Spacagna was once again riding impeccably, and two third spots gave him third overall.

7 Oliver Ruddock leading BW85 class

Charlie Richmond was unstoppable in the small wheel class, two perfectly executed rides rewarding him with two wins and the overall. Luke Richardson was closing in with each lap, and tried his hardest to grab a win. Comfortably setting for second spot overall, he went 2-2 on the day. Travis Laughton worked his way up the field, squeezing into third spot in the second moto to secure third overall.

The 65cc class was dominated by Riley Ingram, not putting a wheel wrong all weekend, an impressive ride rewarding him with two firsts and the overall. Alfie Payne was desperate to get into the lead and worked hard in both motos, going 2-2 he secured second overall. Mitchell Woodward had a fight on his hands with Fabian Junior and Archy Atkinson trying to take his glory, but he held his nerve, and went 3-4 to take third overall.

Ryan Taylor was on fire, and rode a great set of races in the Auto class. Leading from start to finish, much to delight of his family he secured a clean set of wins, and took the overall victory. It could’ve been anyone’s race, a handful of riders in pursuit of Taylor. But Marley Alder pulled it out of the bag and with a brilliant second in race one secured second overall. Ryan Clift rode consistently well, staying focused and aiming for top spot. Going 4-3 he bagged third overall.

Jamie Watson Rookies

Preston Williams second appearance came in the Rookies class, another show of perfection, speed and showmanship. Two clear wins rewarded him with not only first overall, but also the Brad Hooper Memorial Award, something he was desperate to claim for the third year running. Travis Reynolds was great to watch, making it look easy and powering ahead of his rivals to go 2-2 and take home the second placed trophy. Jamie Watson was at the top of his game and passed riders with ease to move into third spot overall.

Last out on day one was the VMX. Nobody looked like they could touch Darren King, as he stormed his way into the lead in both, and comfortably took the top prize money. Wildman Willis was definitely closing with each lap, and sped into second spot in each race, claiming the second prize which he generously donated to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. A welcome return by Darren Hansford who showed everyone what they were missing, a brilliant performance rewarding him with two third places, and third overall.

Darren King (14) VMX

With the awards handed out, the huge raffle got underway, the club as always humbled to have Brad’s family with them, and the club could proudly announce that with the sale of raffle tickets, cakes, Brad bands, stickers and generous donations, £4000 was raised for the HIOWAA in Brad’s memory.

Day two saw everyone back to normal business, vying for championship points. With the wind dying down a little, the sun shone but the weather really wasn’t playing ball and torrential rain came in early afternoon and stopped play after two and a half blocks.

In MX2 Bill Moynes looked like a sure winner on the day, but being taken out early on in the day, he decided to pack up and head home early. Local Jordan Bachelor made light work of the circuit, and ended the day on a high by blasting into top spot to take home the overall. Todd Leadbitter once again was at the top of his game, snatching a win for himself in race two, and stayed at the top of the field to finish up in second overall. Charlie Razzell had a much better day on the 650 …… I mean track following his disastrous spill on day one. Keeping the leaders within his sights, he went 4-4-3 to finish in third overall.

In MX1, Brad Wheeler again domineered the rest of the pack, even with the rain pouring in race three, he bagged his third race win of the day and took home another overall victory. Despite going 2-2 Nicky Watts decided to play it safe and sat out race three, leaving it to Kyle Creevy to take over the number two spot. Keeping his sights on a top spot, he went 6-3-3 to finish second overall. Andrew Walker kept a cool head and rode at the top of his game, edging further up the leader board going 8-4-4 to bag third overall.

VMX start

Oli Ruddock once again reigned supreme in the big wheel 85 class, another top performance seeing him annihilate the rest of the field, keeping all three wins under his crash helmet, winning overall. Max Brazier joined in the fun on day two, and another brilliant performance left him narrowly missing out on a win. Two seconds rewarded his efforts with second overall. Jamie Garvin worked hard to plough his way through the field throughout the day, edging into second spot in the final soggy moto, bagging third overall on the day.

The heavens truly opened for the last race of the small wheels, with the red flag waving as riders were stuck all around the circuit. Charlie Richmond once again took control of the class, comfortably winning overall for the second day. Luke Richardson was again in hot pursuit, and chased Richmond home to the finish flag to finish in second overall. Jack Parker relished in the slippery, wet conditions, showing the track no mercy as he kept the lead in the last race, right up until it was red flagged. A worthy third overall was awarded to Jack.

No third race for the Juniors, and it was Riley Ingram who once again blew away the rest of the field, leading from start to finish to bag another overall victory. Archy Atkinson took over second spot as Alfie Payne had a disaster at the start of race two, getting too friendly with the start gate! Atkinson went 4-2 to take home second overall, ahead of Mitchell Woodward who consistently finished in third to finish up third overall.

Marley Alder took over his normal place in the Autos on day two, after a disastrous start for Ryan Taylor in race one, Alder sped to victory with ease, although a brilliant performance by Bobby Farmer saw him nearly grab his first race win! Taylor wasn’t being outdone, and grabbed his third race win of the weekend, to take home second overall. Ryan Clift again was at the top of the leader board and going 4-3 he secured third overall.

Travis Reynolds was unbeatable in the Rookies, and even with the torrent of water flooding down on them in the second race, he held his nerve and went 1-1 to grab the overall victory. Jesse Wren proved he was a mud master too as he took it all in his stride after a brilliant second in race one. Repeating his position, he bagged second overall. Liam Brosnan was desperate for a top placing and proved his worth as he stormed into third spot in the opening moto. Just slipping down to fifth in race two, he still did enough to secure third overall.

122 Todd Leadbitter MX2

Darren King and Wildman Willis went head to head in the two VMX races, with Wildman just pipping King to the post. Getting caught up with a back marker in race two, King had to settle for second spot after a great race win in the first. Wildman didn’t show the track or any other rider any mercy and blasted his way into top spot in race two, and secured the overall victory. Tony Hale let the battle rage on in front of him, and comfortably settled into third spot, a smooth couple of races seeing him bag third overall.

A trying weekend, with the weather really not liking the club, but it was all worth it to remember Brad #23 – forever in our hearts, always in our thoughts ❤️



VMX: 1 Darren King, 2 Wildman Willis, 3 Darren Hansford, 4 Tony Hale, 5 Jody Barnes, 6 Brook Alder.

MX2: 1 Preston Williams, 2 Todd Leadbitter, 3 Bill Moynes, 4 Luke Kennett, 5 Lewis King London, 6 Tom Shutler.

MX1: 1 Brad Wheeler, 2 Nicky Watts, 3 Bill Moynes, 4 Tommy Pittaway, 5 Andrew Walker, 6 Jack Hansford.

Rookies: 1 Preston Williams, 2 Travis Reynolds, 3 Jamie Watson, 4 Liam Brosnan, 5 Luke Southern, 6 Jack Milsted.

BW85: 1 Oliver Ruddock, 2 Larry Harper, 3 Cody Spacagna, 4, Aidan Brooks, 5 Harrison Jepson, 6 Callum Jones.

SW85: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Luke Richardson, 3 Travis Laughton, 4 Connor Williams, 5 Tyler Kirby, 6 Jack Parker.

65s: 1 Riley Ingram, 2 Alfie Payne, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Archy Atkinson, 5 Fabian Junior Morrison, 6 Calum Betteridge.

50s: 1 Ryan Taylor, 2 Marley Alder, 3 Ryan Clift, 4 Jack Dugmore, 5 Riley Northcote, 6 Bobby Farmer.


VMX: 1 Wildman Willis, 2 Darren King, 3 Tony Hale, 4 Brook Alder, 5 Mark Morris, 6 Neil Grant.

MX2: 1 Jordan Bachelor, 2 Todd Leadbitter, 3 Charlie Razzell, 4 Luke Kennett, 5 Ben Watts, 6 Jordan Woodward.

MX1: 1 Brad Wheeler, 2 Kyle Creevy, 3 Andrew Walker, 4 Connor Dickens, 5 Kurt Bond, 6 Ady Peedle.

Rookies: 1 Travis Reynolds, 2 Jesse Wren, 3 Liam Brosnan, 4 Luke Southern, 5 Jack Milsted, 6 Thomas Casbeard.

BW85: 1 Oliver Ruddock, 2 Max Brazier, 3 Jamie Garvin, 4 Cody Spacagna, 5 Harrison Jepson, 6 Callum Jones.

SW85: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Luke Richardson, 3 Jack Parker, 4 Raphael Deering, 5 Tyler Kirby, 6 Jacob Collins.

65s: 1 Riley Ingram, 2 Archy Atkinson, 3 Mitchell Woodward, 4 Alfie Payne, 5 Blu Kinch, 6 Jacob Francis.

50s: 1 Marley Alder, 2 Ryan Taylor, 3 Ryan Clift, 4 Jack Dugmore, 5 Bobby Farmer, 6 Toby Bond.