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“We are going to start racing at the end of August” 2020 British Youth Motocross Championship

“We are going to start racing at the end of August” 2020 British Youth Motocross Championship


“We are going to start racing at the end of August as long as Boris is playing the game with us.” that was the message on the 2020 British Youth Motocross Championships from RHL Activities boss and BYC promoter Gareth Hockey when he spoke to host Jeff Perrett on episode two of the live ‘Dirty Torque’ Offroad Chat show.

Feature image courtesy of RHL Activities

Gareth went on to say “Our August date that we have scheduled… that date was already set in stone to be at Landrake as an Adult and Youth Championship, and will now be a Youth BYC at Landrake. We will then go two weeks later, fingers crossed at Culham, and then two weeks later, finger crossed at a Beach at Weston. We can’t see any reason unless there’s a second spike or it would have an impact on the NHS that we cant go racing.” 

In response to a question from Bob Buchanan regarding the events being “one or two” days Gareth replied
“It will be two days and as a far as we are concerned… the reason we have chosen the venues we have chosen is we can socially distance the campers. There is going to be a lot of responsibility on the families and the riders, to actually do this with us. It can’t be RHL dictating, it has got to be a joined-up effort to get us to go racing. We’re not going to allow anyone outside of the people involved with the event in, so the event is a lockdown. Basically it’s a closed to club British Championship if you want to call it.”

“We have got to come up with something that gets us around Covid to keep everyone safe but allow us to go racing.

“Anyone who turns up to the event, Friday for technical or whatever, there will be temperature checked coming in. Any issues… anyone within that will not be allowed in. Were going to invest in making sure our event is safe and doing what we need to do and we won’t put anyone at risk.”

British Youth Motocross Championship dates
29th and 30th August @ Landrake
12th and 13th September @ Culham
26th and 27th September @Weston Beach

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