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Watt a way to end the season! Portsmouth MXC Season Finale – Race Report and Results

Watt a way to end the season! Portsmouth MXC Season Finale – Race Report and Results


What a mudder to end the Portsmouth MXC’s Summer Series!! Despite the heavy rain throughout the week, the track crew prepped the Swanmore circuit with many saying it’s the best they’ve ever seen it. Admittedly the little ones did struggle in the major deep ruts that appeared, but all riders managed to get round the track trying to score vital last minute championship points.

Report by Kay Kennedy – Images courtesy of Luke Southern

Considering Weston Beach Race and the Great South Run happening on the same day, numbers were good across the board. The Small Wheels were first to tackle the sticky stuff, but Charlie Richmond didn’t have a problem romping his way home in first, leading from start to finish in all three motos to grab the overall. Gino Taffurelli continued his strong run of decent results, and finished in second overall, his highest of the season, going 3-2-3 to end his championship on a high. Riley Saunders worked his way up through the field as the day wore on, steadily improving his results as the tracked itself improved. Going 4-3-2 he finished in third overall.

Alfie Payne again totally dominated the Junior class, in his last meeting on the 65. Despite a finish spill he had plenty of time to pick himself up and cross the line in first as he had done all day. A great end to his 65 season, going 1-1-1 to claim the overall. Mitchell Woodward wasn’t letting Payne out of his sights, and rode a perfect set of races, going 2-2-2 to finish runner up on the day. Fabian Junior Morrison was set for a straight run of third’s, just missing out in the last race, but a tremendous effort and super quick racing rewarded him with third overall.

Portsmouth MXC Season Finale - Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner

The Autos rode a shortened track to avoid the mega deep rutty, muddy parts, and Ryan Clift made light work of the terrain. Despite the leaders chopping and changing over the short lap, Clift held on to claim all three moto wins, proving why he had picked up the Shaun Simpson Rider of the Meeting award at Culham, and took home the overall victory. Toby Bond was on a mission, and rode impeccably well to finish in second spot. Hunting Clift down all the way, he went 2-2-2 to grab second overall. Bike issues for Jack Dugmore, and Marley Alder suffering an injury, left Harry Gay on the last step of the podium. Pushing hard throughout the day, Gay went 5-4-4 to end up in third overall.

Portsmouth MXC Season Finale - Mark Morris Senior

Mark Morris Senior

The championship title in the Rookies class was to be decided today, which provided some spectacular and nailbiting action. Liam Brosnan looked set to claim the victory after a brilliant opening win. But disaster in race two saw him hit the deck and his championship hopes fade away. Jesse Wren, despite a spill too, took over at the front of the pack in race two, and with two second place finishes ended the day in the top spot. Jamie Watson returned to the track where he had broken his leg at the first race of the season and soon put the demons way behind him. An outstanding race win in the final moto rewarded him with second overall, going 3-2-1 to end his season perfectly. Brosnan didn’t give up and battled hard to stay in contention of another win, going 1-5-3 he finished the day in third overall.

The veterans put on a true show of showmanship as Wildman Willis romped his way to the overall victory. Battling hard with Neil Grant all day, Willis just managed to pip him at the post and went 1-1-1 to grab the overall. Grant had blistering starts all day, and unfortunately, spill denying him a straight set of seconds, but rode well to stay in second overall. Mark Morris was on a high and did just enough to become the newly crowned VMX Club Champion. A brilliant season for Mark was rounded off with another top three spot, going 4-3-4 to secure third overall.

Portsmouth MXC Season Finale - Reece Sanders

Reece Sanders

After his disappointment at Culham, with his new Honda suffering mechanical issues, Charlie Razzell went all guns blazing to grab back vital points, aiming to steal the MX2 club championship away from arch-rival Luke Kennett. Both riders went head-to-head all day, but Razzell went the extra mile to finish in first in all motos, and claimed the overall victory. Kennett was right on his back wheel all day, a brilliant set of races, and rewarded him with second overall. Hot out the gate again was Ryan Turner, striving for a top three overall after narrowly missing out all season. Brilliant starts and mastering the mud with ease, he achieved his goal, going 3-3-3 to claim third overall.

The battle at the top of the MX1 championship table was very close too. Nicky Watts didn’t put a wheel wrong all day, and outrode everyone else to claim three straight wins and the overall victory. Dan Lawler was in contention for a second overall but a no show in race three put him out of the runnings. It was Tallon Aspden who took over second spot, loving the new two stroke, and rode it perfectly to go 3-2-2 to finish in second overall. A welcome re-appearance from Jake Penny who showed everyone what they had been missing, riding hard to claim third overall. Going 4-3-3 he put in a real challenge for a top spot.

Last out were the Big Wheels, with non-stop action from the drop of the gate. Oliver Ruddock looked set for another clean sweep of the board but an arm injured forced an early day on him. Despite just missing out on bagging a race win, Cody Spacagna rode a superb set of races, consistency the key on the day, going 3-4-2 he secured the overall victory, a great way to end his season. Max Brazier was on fire and took total control of the last two races. Nobody able to stop him, he secured the race wins and second overall. Charlie Parrott was on top form, and a brilliant second in the opening moto set the way for a great overall result. Despite a spill just after the finish, he picked himself up and romped his way home to third overall, going 2-8-4.

Well that’s the season done and “dusted” (or “muddied”!!) and the club would like to thank every rider who has support them throughout the year. Bring on the presentation and roll on 2020!


VMX: 1 Wildman Willis, 2 Neil Grant, 3 Mark Morris, 4 Paul Spacagna, 5 Tony Hale, 6 Rob Topp.

MX2: 1 Charlie Razzell, 2 Luke Kennett, 3 Ryan Turner, 4 Jordan Woodward, 5 Jay Warren, 6 Nick Tull.

MX1: 1 Nicky Watts, 2 Tallon Aspden, 3 Jake Penny, 4 Tom Shutler, 5 Andrew Walker, 6 Kurt Bond.

Rookies: 1 Jesse Wren, 2 Jamie Watson, 3 Liam Brosnan, 4 Connor Warren, 5 Xavier Cook, 6 Jack Milsted.

BW85: 1 Cody Spacagna, 2 Max Brazier, 3 Charlie Parrott, 4 Tyler Kirby, 5 Harrison Jepson, 6 Callum Jones.

SW85: 1 Charlie Richmond, 2 Gino Taffurelli, 3 Riley Saunders, 4 Finley Yorke-Williams, 5 Jack Parker, 6 Connor Williams.

65s: 1 Alfie Payne, 2 Mitchell Woodward, 3 Fabian Junior Morrison, 4 Blu Kinch, 5 Arash Deering, 6 Jayden Neale.

Autos: 1 Ryan Clift, 2 Toby Bond, 3 Harry Gay, 4 Rio Cook, 5 Jamie Currie, 6 Dexter Prowse.