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Vining shines in 2019! Youth Juniors National Grasstrack Grading List!

Vining shines in 2019! Youth Juniors National Grasstrack Grading List!


The Youth Junior Grasstrack class has been an absolute revelation in 2019, with future superstars popping up all over the country. Riders such as Austin Riches and George Colvin have been in tremendous form.

Report and Grading list by Gareth Bemister – Action Images courtesy of Mick Jenness Photography

Newly crowned World Champion Max Perry has been simply sensational, and British Cadet Champions Cooper Rushen and Ollie Binns have joined the Juniors and made an instant impact. It has been a wonderful season in this class.

But above all of the other riders, Guernsey racer Thomas Vining managed to top the Natioanl Grasstrack gradings list. Vining, who has competed in a few sand racing events, mainly did his racing on the mainland at Grasstracks up and down the country. The Vining family have shown amazing commitment to Thomas’ development this season. They have been repaid by seeing Thomas topping the NGL for 2019. The Channel Islander will still be in the Junior class in 2020, but his closest rival, Austin Riches, will now move up to the Intermediate class and is sure to make an impact there.

World champ Max Perry finished up 6th overall despite being unbeaten throughout the season.

George Colvin, who needed special dispensation to race in this class due to not being old enough, has had several remarkable rides. He finishes up a very deserved 3rd.

Well done to the Vining family on this triumph. But most of all, well done to all of the families of the Junior children. It has been a very special year and is, in the most part, down to the dedication of you.

34 riders managed to get onto the National Gradings List- 17 more than in 2018!