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VIDEO: Models with Jordan Scott

VIDEO: Models with Jordan Scott

Check out OFF-Brands new and second film “Models” featuring the super talented Jordan Scott.

Jordan is a rider from Northern Ireland. Despite his focus being extreme enduro now, rubbing shoulders with World-level riders, he has been at a high level in several other disciplines!

He raced in the MX nationals a few years back and ran top 3 in the expert class, as well as being one of the top motocross riders over in Ireland. For good measure he also finished third in the Junior World Enduro championship in the 125’s before he moved to motocross  A few weeks back he got together with OFF-Brand and headed for the hills. This is what they put together! This is OFF-Brands second film, the first featuring Martin Barr. They have several plans in motion and it’s for sure that loads more content like this is going to be showcased on their youtube channel in the very near future!

To check out Off-Brands first edit with Martin Barr head here >> https://www.dirthub.co.uk/video-the-containment-martin-barr-at-his-private-track/