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VIDEO: Is this the Worlds Craziest Dirtbike?

VIDEO: Is this the Worlds Craziest Dirtbike?

Max Hind and team from the YouTube channel ‘999lazer’ continue their hunt for some of the worlds most unique and storied off-road machines. In the latest episode of their ‘Stealing a ride’ series the crew take a step away from the motocross history books and instead go for a ride on what might just be the worlds craziest dirt bike!

Images and Video by Toofast Media

The RM-Z1000 has to be seen to be believed….and under the control of wheelie world champion, Damo Hirst, the results are just as spectacular as you would imagine.

But how much faster is this monster of a machine compared to the standard motocross race bike? Well, you are about to find out…