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Twist and Shout! STOMP Tallington Twister Grasstrack – Rundown and Results

Twist and Shout! STOMP Tallington Twister Grasstrack – Rundown and Results


Duck Smart

The STOMP club signed off the 2019 Grasstrack season with their Tallington Twister event last Sunday. Despite some dreadful weather on the run up to the meeting, the circuit held up long enough to serve up 3 heats of racing. By this time, the racing surface had become very difficult, and the decision was made to halt racing after the third set of heats.

Report by Gareth Bemister – Images courtesy of Mick Jenness Photography

Former British Youth Champion Ollie Binns made the step up to the increasingly popular Junior class and managed to land a place on the rostrum. Austin Riches signed off his excellent season with a win, ahead of Channel Islander Thomas Vining. Riches now heads to the Intermediate class where we hope to see his promising career progress. Once again, 14 competitors made sure that there were big Gradings Points available to the riders.

Two former British Champions, 1992/1993 champion Graham Thomas duelled with 2004 champion David Knowles in some fine racing by the duo. Knowles came out on top, beating youngster Jake Mulford in two of their heats.
Daniel Winterton finished another solid season in the 500cc solo class with a victory. He twice beat another the sports hot prospects, Charlie Brooks, when the pairing met. A non-finish in Brooks’ final ride meant that he finished outside the top 6. Similarly, Gradings List champion Arran Butcher rode well in his first and last ride, but no points in his second ride pushed him out of the top 6.

Mark Richardson made a rare appearance on the Grass to claim the runners-up placing, with Ryan Ashcroft winning his last ride to finish 3rd.


250cc Solos:
1st. 64 David Knowles
2nd. 314 Graham Thomas
3rd. 72 Jake Mulford
4th. 110 Danny Curl
5th. 29 John Shipley
6th. 73 Karl Bedingfield
7th. 22 Philip Thomas
8th. 6 Gary Cook

350cc Solos:
1st. 26 Mark Giles
2nd. 158 Wayne Broadhurst
3rd. 15 Daniel Broughton
4th. 176 Marcus Crutchington
5th. 04 Ricky Sandford
6th. 280 Steve Dowling
7th. 283 Craig Osborne
8th. 37 Tim Neal

500cc Solos:
1st. 12 Daniel Winterton
2nd. 18 Mark Richardson
3rd. 45 Ryan Ashcroft
4th. 14 Rodney McDonald
5th. 47 Will Thurlby
6th. 83 Liam Ashcroft
7th. 20 Arran Butcher
8th. 27 Harry Gent

Upright Solos:
1st. 726 Tim Curnock
2nd. 45 Shaun Bickley
3rd. 282 Mike Dowling
4th. 7 Nigel Coates
5th. 10 Alex Mills
6th. 17 Tim Mount
7th. 18 Lee Coley
8th. 54 Tim Anthill

Pre 75 Solos:
1st. 217 Kenny Blain
2nd. 1 Phil Kynman
3rd. 12 Martin Adams
4th. 73 Karl Bedingfield
5th. 173 Chris Smith
6th. 7 Gary Holtham
7th. 77 John Underwood

Youth Autos:
1st. 3 Archie Rolph
2nd. 92 Archie Whitelam

Youth Cadets:
1st. 15 Oliver Bovingdon
2nd. 8 Kayden Mundy

Youth Juniors:
1st. 46 Austin Riches
2nd. 55 Thomas Vining
3rd. 91 Ollie Binns
4th. 63 Cooper Rushen
5th. 9 Dylan Amies
6th. 97 Ethan Childe
7th. 108 Harrison Rogers
8th. 121 Kara Griffin
9th. 668 George Colvin
10th. 74 Alfie Attoe
11th. 43 Logan Ketteringham
12th. 09 Kiya Sales
13th. 64 M. Bloomfield
14th. 6 Max Derrick

Youth Inters:
1st. 101 Cameron Taylor
2nd. 22 Kenzie Cossey
3rd. 87 Mickie Simpson
4th. 187 Aidan Hinchcliffe

1000cc Sidecars:
1st. 87 Rob Bradley/Bradley Atkinson
2nd. 48 Rod Winterburn/Billy Winterburn
3rd. 25 Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh
4th. 46 Mike Palmer/Terry Madley
5th. 30 Stef Blyth/Alistair Sutherland
5th. 32 Chris Walker/
5th. 778 Anthony Sales/Lewis Davies

Lefthand Sidecars:
1st. 18 Rob Heath/Kyle Fish
2nd. 96 Tommy Penfold/William Naden
3rd. 16 John Morris/Dan Woodbridge
4th. 125 Billy Penfold/Warren Atkinson

1st. 16 Adam Shipp
1st. 87 Rob Bradley
3rd. 12 Martin Adams
4th. 56 Kevin Bundock
5th. 63 Karl Rushen
6th. 68 Chris Mackett
7th. 41 Jed Rolph
8th. 15 Bruce Mills

1st. 34 Nick Wright
2nd. 126 Chris Wright
3rd. 5 Paul Munnery