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Todd Kellet – Blog Three – Magnetic Therapy!

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Todd Kellet – Blog Three – Magnetic Therapy!



Todd Kellett gives us an update on his recovery in the third of his Blog posts!


Sorry its been quiet, other than eating healthy, sitting in a magnetic therapy machine and being a tourist in Germany not much has happened.

Unfortunately, my X-ray yesterday confirmed that I am still not ready to walk again. Despite all the hard work and efforts of getting the recovery and healing on its way, I still have an obvious brake in my leg. I am now in an air cast with strict instructions of NO weight baring or taking any risks for a further 2 weeks, when I will have another X-ray.

It is disappointing but we have done all we can to encourage the healing process. I completed 9 days, 16 hours of Magnetic Therapy to try and improve the start of the new bone growth but its not necessarily changed anything. I here so many stories about riders having laser treatment or whatever else and back on the bike in 3 weeks. Its not always the best solution. A good nutrition plan, higher calcium intake and TIME is the best option sometimes.

We all want to get back riding, we all work so hard at what we do for it to be taken away from you in 1 crash, but think long term. I don’t want to still be in pain 3 years time because I didn’t let it heal or start riding next week and the smallest of knocks that I wouldn’t normally take any notice of and it put me back to square one. Its not worth it. So give it time, give the bone time to heal and your body time to rest and recover.

Me personally, diet is my weakest link in my career. Im not going to lie, I don’t like veg and I don’t like fruit. People think of an athlete and think we love avocado on toast and salad for lunch and tea. No, thats not me. I do all I can to eat a balanced diet, I will eat veg as part of a meal but a salad thats not going to happen. However, when your injured, its more important than ever to make sure your intake of vitamins and minerals is high but also to increase your calorie intake. Your body is working to live every day life and fix your injury, so it needs more to keep going efficiently. So, the easiest way for me to get what I need is smoothies. Every morning, Lucy will make a smoothie, dont ask what is in it, I dont know and I dont want to know but its a way of getting everything you need without having to face a plate full of veg or fruit.

You can put all sorts in it, from spinach and kale, seeds, yoghurt … you can hide a lot! Theres a lot of people that make out they only eat healthy and its impossible to be an athlete if you don’t… thats not strictly true, if you eat chocolate or cake for breakfast, lunch and tea thats not going to be great but if you have a chocolate bar after your evening meal that includes some protein, carbs and veg or toast with peanut butter for breakfast, its not going to stop you achieving. Making sure you eat enough and you are getting enough calories to cope with recovery or training when you’re not injured is more important than counting how many lettuce leaves you can eat in a day.

So, at the moment its still a case of rest and recover for me. Its difficult because we want to be back training as quick as possible but its not possible to take the risks yet. We remain focused and positive and will be back as soon as possible.

Thank you for all the support, TK”