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The Woodcock Returns. Dylan’s AMA reflections and racing Arenacross this weekend!

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The Woodcock Returns. Dylan’s AMA reflections and racing Arenacross this weekend!


Duck Smart

With five rounds of AMA Supercross under his belt, our Feature Racer Dylan Woodcock has returned to home turf this weekend and will be competing in the final two rounds of the Arenacross Tour in Sheffield.

We caught up with him as he reflects on his American adventure, his future plans and being back in the Arenacross limelight.

Dirt Hub: So you completed 5 rounds of the AMA Supercross series, looking back what would you do differently if you had your time again?

Dylan: I don’t really know, it’s been hard to practice for it. Like I said before the whoops are completely different at the races to what they are at the practice tracks.

DH: You had to contend with a whole load of different conditions didn’t you?

Dylan: Yeah, I rode pretty much every condition with it different at every round. So it’s not been that consistent, but I suppose there have not been many excuses where you could say I didn’t do this, or I didn’t do that, this wasn’t right… But I spoke to so many people and they said your first year you make main events or you don’t make main events, you break your arm or you don’t break your arm. A lot of people said it was good what I did by just getting through the season, getting through to the night shows and getting time in the LCQ’s and Heat races. That was good. I was a bit upset I didn’t make a main event, but I am sure when I go back next year to race again I will make one.

DH: So are you going to do the second half of the West Coast Championship?

Dylan: Yeah I am. I am doing Salt Lake City and Vegas, then I am doing Hangtown and Pala.

DH: So you are doing a couple of the AMA Outdoor Nationals then?

Dylan:  Yeah, I am going to give a couple of them a go while I am there. One of them is really close, like 30 minutes from where I live.

DH: Based on what you have learnt, are you going to have a set focus and plan for Supercross or are there other things on your mind?

Dylan: I don’t know. I don’t have any ties with any teams in Motocross or anything like that. The only sponsors I have are Thor and 6D and kit type sponsors, so I can race any bike I like. So if anything comes up I am ready to take the chance or opportunity. I’m there and ready even if it’s for one weekend I can do it.

DH: You are your own dog then?

Dylan: Yeah, I am my own dog, if someone says one weekend you can race a Husqvarna, I’ll race a Husqvarna.  I don’t then have to put hours on my own bike.

DH: Are you keeping your bikes in the States?

Dylan: Yeah, I have 2 bikes in the states. When I go the next time I will probably sell those two bikes though.

DH: You were definitely getting closer to making the main. In the LCQ in your last meeting, I saw you come round the first bend well in the top 5…

Dylan: I was second in the timed practice, and in the LCQ I think I was fourth or something, and then pretty much everyone in the race apart from three riders crashed.  I almost made it through but someone fell down on top of me. It was just one of those moments. I am not pissed off about anything, we all did the right thing and we all had a good time doing it. It was just a learning year. In the beginning, I didn’t even think I would make a night show, and in the end, we made every single one.

DH: I think the promising thing that I saw, was that you were always moving forward and gaining places…

Dylan: Yeah every time was better, and I kept moving forward so that was a positive. It was just a bit of a shame that I never made a main event.

Dylan riding for Team Green Kawasaki. Picture by Nuno Laranjeira

DH: When did you arrive back in the UK?

Dylan: I arrived back in the UK on Tuesday. On Wednesday I was just getting all of my stuff together, and then on Thursday, I rode my mate, Alfie Collett’s track. Then at the weekend, I am riding for Shocktech Kawasaki at the Arenacross in Sheffield.

DH: Does jumping from bike to bike not phase you at all?

Dylan: No, I have rode plenty of different bikes in my time, and they are all just motocross bikes. I seem to ride better if not the same when I jump on a different bike.

DH: You are going back to your roots then riding a Kawasaki again?

Dylan: Yeah hopefully I still know how to ride it. It’s going to be a stock bike but it doesn’t really matter for Arenacross.

DH: Is this the first time you have rode Arenacross in the Pro class?

Dylan: I rode in the Pro Lites class a couple of years ago. I had a few overall wins, so its not a strange thing for me. I think the only kind of thing I’m a little worried about is some of the people, who are, I wouldn’t say jealous, but are like who is this kid, and try and take me out. But I don’t really care about that, I am just going to do my best and hopefully win some money.

DH: Going from Supercross to the small Arena’s is that going to help or hinder you?

Dylan: Hopefully it will bring my intensity up. I am really looking forward to it, and to riding the Kawasaki.

DH: Do you feel any pressure on you as you have been in the States riding on the Worlds biggest stage?

Dylan: No, I don’t care what anyone thinks to be honest. The only other person I have seen go to America has been Gradie Featherstone and he made a couple of mains. So if anyone wants to judge me I’ll say good luck to you. All of these people want to do it, and I have done it.  Obviously, it costs money. I have had some great sponsors who have helped me, but anyone who judges me has never done it, so they don’t know what its like to go through it.

DH: This weekend at Sheffield is a bit of homecoming really and a chance to race in front of all of the people who have been supporting you?

Dylan: Yeah it’s like that little thing I have started on my Facebook page (ClubDylan), it’s not me just being greedy, and I’m going down the pub to spend it on beers, it’s for me to buy a chain or some race fuel. Even though my Dad and that are going to help me, they are not going to wipe my bum for the rest of my life, I have to find my way to make my own money.

Loads of people have been supporting me. It was weird as there was a bit of jealousy from some of the people I know, but once I started out there most people have been like, fair play and been behind me which is really nice, and I would like to thank everyone for their support.

DH: Do you have any targets for Sheffield?

Dylan: No not really. Just do my best and enjoy it. I am sure people will be out to beat me but that just fuels the fire even more, and I am sure at the Arenacross this weekend the fire will be fully lit, and I just want to go out there and do the best I can and prove so many people wrong.

Dylan would like to thank all of those who have supported him…

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