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The Man in a ‘new’ Van is back with Holeshot Motorhomes!

The Man in a ‘new’ Van is back with Holeshot Motorhomes!

We’re very happy to announce that Holeshot Motorhomes are the new title sponsors of our ‘Man in a Van’ video series. The Mansfield based company will be supplying our ‘Man in a Van’ host Jeff Perrett with one of their brand new ‘Crusader’ day van models for Jeff to not only invite riders in for a guest chat on the successful and popular shows but also to bomb around the UK and beyond as he goes off to cover various events and regular blasts on his DirtHub/ Team Green Kawasaki.

Although Holeshot Motorhomes are a relatively new company, they have a wealth of experience with managing director Richard Wood and friend and colleague Melvyn Homer being in the motorhome business for over 30 years. They also have plenty of experience in motocross too as they have been riding and racing for as long as they have been building motorhomes. In fact the motorhome building came about off the back of building their first motorhome to go racing themselves and for 2021 they’ve even started their own Holeshot Motorhome racing team and will be competing in various races on the UK Evo scene.

“We’re pleased to be associated with Dirt Hub and the ‘Man in a van’ series” says Richard. “It’s an entertaining series and a great way to showcase our Crusader van as Jeff will be going to most national events and visiting varying practice tracks up and down the country so people can see the van first hand. If you’re lucky he may even make you a brew! We’re excited to be back making quality motorhomes at affordable prices for the British off road motorcycling community, a community we’ve always felt at home in, and we’re looking forward to a successful time ahead both with the business and our racing, especially after the year we’ve all had.”

Naturally Jeffro is buzzing on the deal. “It’s an awesome bit of kit and obviously I’m pumped that Richard and the guys at Holeshot Motorhomes have got behind the series and what we’re doing at Dirt Hub. It’s going to help out loads as we can now transport bikes around and stay over at events to cover them, like a little travelling roadshow! I’ll now be able to interview guests in comfort and even offer them a hot or cold drink and snacks as I’ve got all the gubbins in the van. If they make a mess though they’ll be cleaning it up and if they spill drinks on the seats I’ll be kicking them out and the interview will end there and then!”

Armed with the new van and comfy swivel leather seats Jeffro will be back with a new series of the ‘Man in a Van’ show, starting next week. So keep an eye out for that.

For more information on Holeshot Motorhomes >>CLICK HERE<< to visit their website or follow them on Facebook @ Holeshot Motorhomes