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The Kirton Raiser. Edge Offroad Winter Warmer Enduro series Round 2 – Race Report & Results

The Kirton Raiser. Edge Offroad Winter Warmer Enduro series Round 2 – Race Report & Results

by adminNovember 21, 2017

A bright, sunny but cold weekend offered great conditions for riders, competitors and spectators as the 2017 Edge Offroad crew fired the Winter Warmer season back into life! Saturday saw a well attended Practice Day, with a new track lay out and new car park, all the riders were buzzing!

Report by Phoenix Media – Images courtesy of JW Forsyth

Sunday at 9am saw the start of the Youth riders setting off for a one and a quarter hour event. The little Missile from the South, Eurotek KTM supported rider John Stanley, took the holeshot and led for the entire race taking the Youth B and overall Youth win. MX rider Jack Makinson turned his hand to Enduro for the weekend and took 2nd in Youth B. Emily Tropman in Youth A was only a minute behind Jack, finishing on

John Stanley

the same laps and taking the win in her class. Hayden Stansfield took the holeshot in the Junior class, and was doing his best all race to hunt John down, finishing on the same 8 lap tally, taking the Junior win. Ailbe Oconnell was left on the start line when his bike wouldn’t start due to a fowled plug! Once he got going he got right back up there and took 2nd in Juniors. RG Racing rider Charlie Page is coming on in leaps and bounds now he’s had his first Edge Training Session, so much so that at the end of lap one he was leading! An over taking manoeuvre through a water section unfortunately resulted in young Charlie hitting the deck, but he shook it off and took 3rd place home with him.

A good turnout of competitors for the adult event meant they were eager to get going, so 11am and they were off!

Emily Tropman

A battle instantly commenced between Eurotek KTM rider Sam Ludgate, who took the holeshot, and KORC’s very own Tom Widd. Tom passing Sam on the second lap – Tom did the hard rock section route and Sam did the flowing Chicken route! The battle continued until just before the hour mark when Sam got back passed Tom in the rock section! Ludders extended his lead when young Widd had to pit. Sam took the overall win with Tom second, both on 13 laps. Whilst all this was going on there was another battle between Edge rider Josh Bailey and SJP Moto rider Josh Haith. Haithy was certainly putting the pressure on Mr Smooth Bailey until his tyre came off the rim just after the hour mark! Josh Haith took the third spot on 12 laps after an awesome ride.

From the off Expert Vets rider Alex Owen was right up there with the Experts, but being chased by SJP Moto rider David Haith. Alex had a nightmare all race with different issues but still managed to pull the win out the bag on 12 laps! David finished 32 seconds behind in second and getting quicker every race, John Steeples

Connor Gulbrandsen

took third place.

New to Enduro at the beginning of 2017, Chris Davis took the plunge, moving into Clubman from Novice. Needless to say with his pure grit and determination he took the Clubman win on 11 laps. Returning from injury, Cameron McCann took second spot and also returning from a severed finger injury, Josh Atkinson took third!

In the Clubman Vets class Scott Morse had a mega ride out and took the win home with him on 11 laps, but only just! Ashley Jones decided to come back from retirement and was well up there most of the race. Tiredness started to kick in, but he ended up only 8 seconds behind Scott to take second.

Gary Court

Again another one returning from injury is young Dan Leadbetter – having broken his shoulder socket 8 weeks ago in a freak MX accident, Dan started in the Sportsman class and annihilated his opposition by winning on 12 laps! His lap times are well up with the Clubman lads and it won’t be long before he’s looking at the Expert class. Jack Ambler was chuffed to bits to take second on the podium on 11 laps – another rider that is gradually progressing and it won’t be long before he’s comfortable in the Clubman class. Mark Turkington rounded out the Sportsman podium finishing on 11 laps too, having been out for most of the year; Mark was over the moon with his result.

In the Sportsman Vets class David Bennett took the win on 10 laps, 5 minutes up on Nic Boll in second – Nic did amazing to start the race considering he’d been ill all night! Danny

Scott Morse

Coucom was absolutely over the moon to take 3rd place, also on 10 laps – first ever podium finish!

M17 boss Geraint Rogers took a convincing win in the Over 50 class finishing on 11 laps, good to see you back out riding again fella! Gary Court grabbed 2nd spot with both hands, 6 seconds in front of Michael Belcher in 3rd! Both finishing on 10 laps.

Abbie Piggott was the only Lady rider to start, but took a tumble on the second lap which resulted in a broken thumb and ligament damage. Get Well Soon Abbie!

Sam Ludgate

Yet again Steve Butterfield bossed the Novice class winning on 11 laps. Now he’s run his new bike in, it may just be time to move up to the Sportsman class? Jamie Dinsdale had a brilliant ride finishing in second and Richard McCrackle took the last place on the podium.

All things considered this Winter Warmer event was a resounding success. This venue will hopefully offer another chance for a great event as a Championship round in 2018. Massive thanks to all the hard working marshals over the weekend.

Next event is Winter Warmer Rd 3 at the awesome Tong Parkwood Offroad Centre – Practise Day on the Saturday 10am until approximately 3pm, followed by the same race format on

Dan Leadbetter

the Sunday. Kids starting at 9am and Adults at 11am. To book in, go online www.edgeoffroad.events, or call/text the event mobile on 07557 447084, with all your details.


Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 345 Hayden Stansfield Juniors 01:19:00:543 8
2 9 Ailbe Oconnell Juniors 01:16:35:454 6
3 122 Charlie Page Juniors 01:22:22:443 6
4 2 Connor Gulbrandsen Juniors 01:15:15:279 4
5 18 Ashton Jones Juniors 01:22:55:841 3
25 Harry Walker Juniors DNF 0
296 Kiai Westwell Juniors NS

Josh Haith

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 1 John Stanley Youth B 01:15:16:120 8
2 911 Jack Makinson Youth B 01:15:13:877 5

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 3 Emily Tropman Youth A 01:16:19:090 5

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 22 Steve Butterfield Novice 02:09:39:837 11
2 56 Jamie Dinsdale Novice 02:02:49:777 10
3 80 Richard McCrackle Novice 02:11:03:487 10
4 20 Alex Leadbetter Novice 02:01:15:131 9
5 226 David Bellamey Novice 02:02:07:316 9
6 81 Garry Peacock Novice 02:00:16:236 8
7 53 Tom Danes Novice 02:08:31:258 7
8 93 Celvin Heaver Novice 02:04:18:765 6
9 95 David Marwood Novice 02:04:25:685 6
10 0 Steve Kingston Novice 02:03:01:754 3
71 Michael Wade Novice 00:55:26:773 DNF 4
101 Chris Harrison Novice 00:48:58:225 DNF 3
10 Jamie Lockwood Novice 00:41:39:764 DNF 1
34 Tom Brough Novice NS
189 Chris Charles Novice NS
300 Michael Parry Novice NS
11 Nick Coates Novice NS
7 Phil Lunnon Novice NS
6 Chris Lunnon Novice NS
30 Logan Dickinson Novice NS
27 Kris Munro Novice NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
246 Abbie Piggot Ladies 00:17:56:728 DNF 1
122 Brook Johnson Ladies NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 23 Geraint Rogers Over 50’s 02:10:50:288 11
2 171 Gary Court Over 50’s 02:03:32:238 10
3 327 Michael Belcher Over 50’s 02:03:38:958 10
4 77 Darren Hill Over 50’s 02:04:47:036 10
5 141 Nigel Fox Over 50’s 02:05:50:557 10

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 116 David Bennett Sportsman Vets 02:02:19:433 10
2 92 Nic Boll Sportsman Vets 02:07:02:611 10
3 401 Danny Coucom Sportsman Vets 02:10:47:814 10
4 99 Michael Savin Sportsman Vets 02:11:56:513 10
5 8 Ian Foster Sportsman Vets 02:00:27:563 8
6 42 Bobby Dazler Sportsman Vets 02:00:46:700 8
167 Ste Thornton Sportsman Vets NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 367 Dan Leadbetter Sportsman 02:08:37:787 12
2 313 Jack Ambler Sportsman 02:01:05:818 11
3 119 Mark Turkington Sportsman 02:04:22:560 11
4 281 Lee Crookes Sportsman 02:05:27:494 11
5 33 Joel Foster Sportsman 02:06:12:348 11
6 41 Tom Simpson Sportsman 02:08:05:421 11
7 4 Danny Harris Sportsman 02:11:04:999 11
8 47 Lee Hutsby Sportsman 02:01:43:352 10
9 68 Ethan Kirk Sportsman 02:02:09:870 10
10 208 Charlie Boiston Sportsman 02:02:46:663 10
11 31 Johnathan Glaves Sportsman 02:04:40:897 10
12 225 Dan Watson Sportsman 02:05:53:091 10
13 19 Alan Stockdale Sportsman 02:07:23:441 10
14 82 Scott Roberts Sportsman 02:00:04:279 9
15 134 Daniel Hill Sportsman 02:01:41:469 9
16 181 Chris Eade Sportsman 02:02:35:496 8
85 Ant Hutsby Sportsman NS
18 Oli Franklin Sportsman NS
21 Harry Connor Sportsman NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 72 Scott Morse Clubman Vets 02:09:10:885 11
2 50 Ashley Jones Clubman Vets 02:09:18:736 11
777 Lee Depledge Clubman Vets NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 637 Chris Davis Clubman 02:00:20:212 11
2 76 Cameron McCann Clubman 02:03:15:534 11
3 27 Josh Atkinson Clubman 02:06:14:812 11
4 3 Liam Crowe Clubman 02:00:05:711 10
5 149 Chris Hill Clubman 02:04:44:252 10
111 Nathan Smith Clubman 01:19:28:737 DNF 7
62 Jordan Jones Clubman 01:11:21:957 DNF 6
411 Sam Gregory Clubman 00:51:32:587 DNF 4
36 Lee Stansfield Clubman 00:12:53:362 DNF 1
65 Billy Steinman Clubman NS

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 1 Alex Owen Expert Vets 02:03:17:727 12
2 117 David Haith Expert Vets 02:03:49:072 12
3 971 John Steeples Expert Vets 02:07:06:035 12
4 5 Rick Tropman Expert Vets 02:02:48:165 11
5 15 Mark Raynor Expert Vets 02:03:11:238 11
6 7 Jonathan Oconnell Expert Vets 02:01:03:554 10

Position Rider No Rider Name Class Finish Time Laps
1 2 Sam Ludgate Expert 02:03:57:635 13
2 39 Tom Widd Expert 02:08:22:886 13
3 132 Josh Haith Expert 02:01:47:608 12
4 16 Ryan Patrick Expert 02:03:42:963 12
5 182 Neil Marshall Expert 02:02:21:777 11
6 601 Steve Gardham Expert 02:05:20:404 11
363 Joshua Bailey Expert 01:00:40:515 DNF 6
603 Tim Gardham Expert NS
6 Scott Altass Expert NS
9 Jamie Dilworth Expert NS