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The Kids never fail to deliver! AMCA British Youth Motocross Championship Round 9 – Race Report and Results

The Kids never fail to deliver! AMCA British Youth Motocross Championship Round 9 – Race Report and Results

The venue for the penultimate round of the AMCA Championship was held at the famous Brookthorpe Track down in Gloucestershire.  Situated just off Junction 11a of the M5 on the side of a hill, the spectator viewing is epic.

Report by Claire Reynolds – Images courtesy of MX Behind the Gate

After the weather on Saturday we thought it would have been survival of the fittest out there on the long gnarly, jumpy track.  But Sunday the weatherman promised sunshine and from 11 am that is what we had.  The track prep on Saturday evening / Sunday morning was pure quality, with the track being ploughed and harrowed Saturday evening.  The start gate had to be moved higher up than normal and to the right as the start straight was a mud fest, this did not faze the kids, they knew that qualifying was going to be tough and they would have to let rip so they could get a decent gate ready for the rest of the day.


The kids’ race was certainly going to be a feast for everyone’s eyes.


Matt Tolley was on fire setting a 2:25.000 in the 4th lap of qualifying, with wildcard Randall, Ridgeway, Blackwell and Fletcher giving you the top 5.   The track in qualifying was gnarly and by the look of watching these kids the lines were changing constantly, trying to find a rhythm was difficult, but by lap 4 Tolley had certainly found his.  6th went to Leverton, Tomes in 7th who pipped O’Gorman by seven thousand of a second, Salt in 9th and the little pocket rocket Levey in 10th.


After watching the MX2 race it was clear that the best gates to use on the revamped start straight were to the right of the starters box, as they all lined up and waited for the five second board to drop, off they ripped.  It was difficult to see who hole shotted this race as there seemed to be a lot of commotion on the first right hander.  O’Gorman got as far as the end of the start straight as his left foot peg fell off, unfortunately giving him a last place as he was three laps down.  Randall led from start to finish with Ridgeway in second place, Tolley making a mistake or coming off somewhere in the woods giving him a 4th.  Ezra Blackwell making the most of this and kept him off the third-place position.  Ridgeway and Blackwell earning some cracking points to keep their current championship places safe.   Leverton looking comfortable with a 5th and the little pocket rocket Levey had an amazing 6th place finish.  Tomes in 7th, Howells in 8th, Salt in 9th and rounding the top 10 was Fletcher.


Again, the track conditions had changed, and the lines matched that, with ruts getting deeper it was important these kids watched their lines in every lap.  The little pocket rocket Levey took the hole shot and kept it until the second corner where he came off in a rut which was bigger than him!  Ridgeway then led it for the first lap with Randall on his back wheel the whole time, to take the win and giving Ridgeway a 2nd.  Tolley in 3rd for the whole race.  O’Gorman had a point to prove in this one with what happened in the first race and he desperately needs his points to try and get anywhere near the current top 5 in the championship.  However, changing his line in the woods cost him dearly and then flat landing a jump Blackwell and Leverton took full advantage of this.  Giving Blackwell a 4th, Leverton 5th and O’Gorman 6th.      Little Yarin after breaking his collar bone at Hawkstone and missing out on Round 8 at Culham, he finished a brilliant 7th place and it was superb to see the little dude back on his bike.  8th place went to Tomes, Salt in 9th and Fletcher in 10th.  Salt and Fletcher struggling to find the flow.


Just before this race started the heavens opened and down came the rain.  Goggles under race shirts, umbrellas up, everyone saying it was going to be like an ice-skating rink.  Down dropped the gate and Ridgeway got the holeshot, with Randall in second and O’Gorman in third.  Ridgeway led this race from start to finish and boy what race it was.  With Tolley crashing out on the first lap, he dropped to 10th place making his way to 5th at the finish flag.  Ridgeway and Randall going for it in every single lap, but Randall must have made a mistake over the back as the lead Ridgeway had on the last lap was superb.  With O’Gorman trying to take full advantage of Randall coming off he pushed hard but could not catch him.  The track was wet, slippy and slidey perfect conditions for Ridgeway and O’Gorman, and Randall having the fastest lap time.    Ridgeway took the chequered flag giving him some fantastic points to end the day, wildcard Randall in 2nd, O’Gorman in 3rd, Leverton in 4th, Tolley in 5th, Blackwell in 6th, Fletcher in 7th, Evans in 8th, Salt with a consistent 9th place and Howells in 10th.


1st RANDALL                                                       11th TOMES

2nd RIDGEWAY                                                   12th LEVEY

3rd TOLLEY                                                           13th BEACH

4th BLACKWELL                                                  14th HARTILL

5th LEVERTON                                                     15th GATER

6th O’GORMAN                                                 16th LYNCH

7th FLETCHER                                                      17th WRIGHT

8th SALT                                                                 18th NIGHTINGALE

9th EVANS                                                            19th POWELL

10th HOWELLS                                                    20th CHELL

11th TOMES                                                         21st TURNER

Only one more championship round left and the points are very close at the top and it will go down to the wire at Long Lane. This track is tough, sandy and technical it roughs up after every single race.  One mistake and she will eat you alive.  Who will keep their head and who will lose it?  The atmosphere will be electric as it’s all to play for.   It’s certainly going to be finger biting stuff!

These kids deserve credit at every single round they have entered, the tracks are rough, they are not groomed to perfection after each race, they are tough going and they race them superbly putting on fantastic shows for their supports and spectators.  Most of these kids will be going 125 next year, so I hope at Long Lane people respect the job that these kids do when they go out there.

Good luck to each and everyone of you, I think you are all amazing.

The final round of the series takes place at Long Lane on the 1st September.