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The great divide! MCF presents Northern and Southern Team Cup’s for 2019.

The great divide! MCF presents Northern and Southern Team Cup’s for 2019.


by adminJune 18, 2019

Following lots of deliberation, the MCF have decided to revise the format for the tenth running of the MCF Team Event.  With such a wide spread of organisers from the South West of England up into Scotland the decision has been taken to split the event to cater for both North and South based clubs and riders.

With a new format the events have been renamed and will be known as the MCF Southern Team Cup and MCF Northern Team Cup.

By reducing the amount of travelling involved it is hoped that the events will be accessible to a greater number of clubs and riders. The Southern Team Cup will be the first to take place on the weekend of August 17th and 18th at Little Silver on the outskirts of Exeter, Devon whilst the Northern Team Cup will head to Route 44 in Haverigg, Cumbria on 7th and 8th September.

Although the general format will be mirrored for both events there will be small adjustments to the team sizes dependent upon the number of teams that will be taking place at each venue.

As with other years the Team Cups will once again be the final points scoring opportunities for the clubs in the MCF Elite Youth League

Invitations have been sent out to the MCF League Clubs as well as some potential guest clubs and will be announced as soon as confirmations are received.

Having completed their six League events for the season it is Portsmsouth MX that currently head the table from South Somerset MXC who still have one events results to be included. 90 Racing head the Northern clubs, currently in fourth but still with two event results to be included.

Riders will be invited to take part in the event by the relevant clubs under a qualifying criteria and any rider interested in taking part should get in touch with their local club.