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The Final Frontier! Supercross Digest – Salt Lake Supercross Finale – Preview

The Final Frontier! Supercross Digest – Salt Lake Supercross Finale – Preview

The Final Round! It’s gone by rather quickly if we’re being honest… I’m not going to do a Full Season Review as I doubt any of you want to dissect that before the last race event occurs so let’s just look at where we are right now!

Words by Marc Carter – Images courtesy of Supercross Live

After Salt Lake 1, it’s hard to imagine any outcome where Roczen can win this title. It looked as though he was starting to make a charge and bring the points lead down to a narrow margin over Atlanta and last week in Salt Lake… but he’s just sort of thrown it away when he’s been in dominant positions throughout the season.

So, let’s talk points for a minute – Cooper Webb sits 22 points up on Roczen, albeit mathematically possible for Webb to lose this title to the HRC Rider, it is just is not going to happen. Cooper Webb will wrap up this Championship on Saturday evening, it’s just as inevitable as Thanos in Infinity War and End Game.

If that’s the case Marc, then what’s the point in watching the 450 Main? Well, if you’re a Roczen fan and you’re hoping for a miracle… I’d sit this one out! But for the rest of you, it’s going to be one to watch. It’s a last-ditch attempt for all of the riders to get their first podiums over 2021, or their first win, even first top ten… Musquin finally seems to have broken out of his shell with a win at Salt Lake 1 (Ryno’s theory is holding up at the moment) and Malcolm Stewart finally got that 450 podium! Whose to say we won’t see more fresh faces claiming spots on the box this Saturday evening?


Moving on to the 250s!

An East-West Showdown! First of all, I want to start by saying… Jo Shimoda! Was awesome to see the young Japanese Kawasaki pilot get it done last weekend! Do I think he’ll win again this weekend? Probably not to be honest. The Showdown, The Final Round… Championships at stake, sorry Jo but you’re not even on my pick for a podium ride this weekend.

How can I see this playing out? Well talking Titles, Star Racing Yamaha have pretty much wrapped up these championships, as long as Colt Nichols and Justin Cooper don’t do anything stupid… the Yamaha lads will claim both 250 Championships.

The battle of the Lawrence Brothers. I think it will be civil, but there will definitely be some sibling rivalry coming into this weekend, no doubt about that! Although Hunter is the only one of the two still in with a chance of winning his Championship, it would mean he would need to holeshot and check out with Justin scoring pretty much no points… can’t see that happening. But Jett can rack up some points to take third in the East Championship, even second if he scores enough points over Shimoda. Of course, Craig is out of equation after his crash last week, so down the points he will go…

What are my predictions? (Nobody asked but here you go anyway).

450 Main: Webb, Marvin, Tomac

250 Main: Nichols, J. Lawrence, Cooper

450 Championship: Webb, Roczen, Tomac

250 West: Cooper, McAdoo, H. Lawrence

250 East: Nichols, Shimoda, J. Lawrence

To check out all the action this weekend: