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The day of destiny! Bridgestone British Masters Finale – Preview

The day of destiny! Bridgestone British Masters Finale – Preview


This weekend, the Bridgestone British Masters take their final round of the 2019 series to Cusses Gorse, near Salisbury in the south of the UK.

Report by Rebecca Hambridge – Images courtesy of Colin Hambridge

The series winners will be crowned over the course of the weekend however it is anyone’s game as the previous round at Hawkstone Park set the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of the championship standings. And as this is the final round we can guarantee the weekend will be packed full of action with two days of action-packed racing and a huge End of Series Party!

In the Junior 65cc class, Freddie Gardiner is currently leading with an 11 point lead over series competitor Charlie Richmond. Both of these riders have been consistent throughout but drew on points at Hawkstone Park which shows how close their battles are. Can Freddie leave with the overall series win or can Charlie chase him down and charge to victory?

There is an extremely tight battle for the lead in the Small Wheel 85cc class. Mckenzie Marshall is sitting in first place but Tyla Hooley is only 4 points behind! It was Tyla who took the overall win at the last round so can Tyla do it again and get himself the series title? But Mckenzie is a very strong rider and will not be going down without a fight for the title.

Sam Atkinson was flying high in the Big Wheel 85cc group and had a huge lead over the rest of the pack, however, Round 4 at Whitby and Round 5 at Hawkstone Park cost him with mechanical issues and slips off the bike. Sam has now dropped into second place with Arai Elcock leading the way. Arai has finished every round on the podium but can he do that again this weekend? There is only a 19 point gap between the two riders so expect a battle right until the very end.

Ike Carter has stormed the MXY2 Youth class and will be looking to wrap up his 2019 season early on over the weekend as he currently has a 172 point lead. However, the battle will be on between Kurt Griffiths, Aaron Mcloughlin, Billy Wynn and Aaron Patstone for those top positions. These riders are constantly pushing each other to the limits so we can expect big things from this group.

The 125cc class has provided outstanding battles throughout and this weekend will once again be no exception. All eyes will be on this class as the battle between Troy Willerton, Jordan Bachelor and Dylan Spencer will be on for the series title. Troy Willerton is currently sitting in first position but Jordan Bachelor is only 2 points behind and Dylan Spencer is only 2 points behind Jordan so this group will make for exceptional spectating. Only time will tell who will be taking home the 2019 series title!

Greg Fisher is leading the Clubman championship comfortably with a 136 point lead over the rest of the pack. But it will be Alex Harvey, Jason Queenan and Max Wood battling it out for those remaining podium positions.

Another close battle is expected in the Amateur MX2 class. Adam Day is currently flying the first place position flag but Harry Bradley is only 4 points behind and Luke Houghton is lurking in the background in third. Further down the pack is the likes of Matt Lomas, Gareth Artus and Dan Whitehead who have also been serious contenders this series so will be looking to end the championship on the podium. Can Adam remain victorious?

Oliver Benton has a comfortable lead in the Amateur MX2 class with an 82 point lead. Jack Rowland, Rory Jones and Ben Burridge will not go down without a fight and will be battling it out until the very end to get on that podium! These riders have been battling it out week in and week out so we can guarantee this weekend is no exception.

Jake Millward has set the fastest qualifying time at every Bridgestone British Masters event of the year, can he do it again this weekend? Although Millward has been setting the pace it is Jake Shipton who is leading the pack in the championship standings. Jake Shipton charged down the rest of the pack and took the overall win at Hawkstone Park, he will be looking to do this again this weekend. Although out of the championship running due to early injury, Elliott Banks-Browne has been making his mark and has been charging down Shipton and Millward so can he take that first place podium position? The battle will be on in this group for those set of car keys to the winning Toyota HiLux Pickup Truck!

Martin Barr has very recently sadly suffered injury however with a Toyota HiLux Pickup Truck on the cards, can Martin find that inner strength to carry on and win the title? Martin Barr is currently in first place position but Ben Franklin has proved consistency is key and is not too far behind! All eyes will be on the start line to see if Martin can contend. However, the likes of Robert Yates, Ashton Dickinson and Michael Ellis are lurking in the background and have shown exceptional displays of riding so this will be a group to watch.

This is the final round of the 2019 Bridgestone British Masters series so bar-to-bar battles are guaranteed all weekend in each and every group. To celebrate the end of the series, the Bridgestone British Masters team have organised a huge End of Series Party for Saturday evening. With a DJ setting the atmosphere, a funfair for adults and children, a prop-photobooth, various bars and food stalls, bouncy castles along with much more makes this weekend fun for the whole family so head on down to Cusses Gorse this weekend to join in on the action and help end the series on a high!

Cusses Gorse is located between the A345 and the A338 and is accessed via Down Barn Road with the nearest postcode SP4 6JW.

Spectator tickets can be purchased on the gate with cash only with the price including admission for both Saturday and Sunday and camping is free of charge. Spectator admission is:

Adults £10 / Children £5 / Senior Citizen £5 / Under 5 Free.

Championship Standings:

Junior 65cc:
1st Freddie Gardiner 700
2nd Charlie Richmond 689
3rd Brandon Buckley 657

Small Wheel 85cc:
1st Mckenzie Marshall 669
2nd Tyla Hooley 665
3rd Billy Askew 630

Big Wheel 85cc:
1st Arai Elcock 672
2nd Sam Atkinson 653
3rd Tye Jones 603

MXY2 Youth:
1st Ike Carter 786
2nd Kurt Griffiths 614
3rd Aaron Mcloughlin 604

1st Troy Willerton 705
2nd Jordan Bachelor 703
3rd Dylan Spencer 701

1st Greg Fisher 784
2nd Alex Harvey 648
3rd Jason Queenan 638

Amateur MX1:
1st Adam Day 720
2nd Harry Bradley 716
3rd Luke Houghton 648

Amateur MX2:
1st Oliver Benton 731
2nd Jack Rowland 649
3rd Rory Jones 568

Pro MX1:
1st Jake Shipton 522
2nd Jake Millward 494
3rd Jacob Joyce 359

Pro MX2:
1st Martin Barr 415
2nd Ben Franklin 373
3rd Robert Yates 339