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The Champ… We catch up with one of the Minibike World Champs favourites Frank van Homoet!

The Champ… We catch up with one of the Minibike World Champs favourites Frank van Homoet!


With such a stacked line up, making title predictions to next week’s Minibike World Championships in the Pro 160cc class is a tough game, but if you were going to put a few names at the fore then you would be fool not to put Dutch racer Frank Van Homoet in the melting pot.

Action images courtesy of Harry Lessman – Picturebike

Van Homoet is a big time Minibike Champs convert and has been competing in this country for the last 3 years and to say its been a successful relationship is an understatement with him taking the Pro title in each and every one of them.   With 2017 being his final year in the MBC you can be sure that he will be looking to go out with a blaze of glory and with the World title under his arm…..  we caught up with him last week and here’s what he had to say…

Hey Frank could you introduce yourself, age, occupation, your machinery and how you got into racing Minibikes?

I am 29 years old, from Holland, I a self employed and mostly do steel works, or work in my dads car company. My bikes are Bucci f15r bikes, equipped with Gpcube factory 160 engines and all the Gpcube one of a kind goodies ! I started riding minibikes for the first time when i lived in America, just for fun on the stock 50s, then after a few years got on offer from a shop based in Belgium if i wanted to do some races for them. That turned out well and I rode with them for a few years before i was asked by Gpcube, and from then on it was more racing pitbikes than big bikes, this is my 4th and last year on the MBC.

You come from Holland what is the Minibike Racing scene like over there?

To be honest there isn’t really one haha, pitbikes never really got off the ground here, maybe the soil has something to do with it ‘’lots of sand’’ but also no federation or anything really has a pitbike event or race class, its more just 110s in the backyards.

You have been racing in the Minibike Champs for sometime now, what brings you over to the UK to race?

Yes i am currently on my fourth year here in the UK. 2014 the plans were going to France and race over there, but then Gpcube came around and said lets give the UK championship a try, and which turned out really well.  Plus I really enjoyed all the new tracks and places we went, and when I saw the things were getting bigger and better I wanted to keep riding the UK championship.

I see from the entries that so far you are the only entrant in the Minibike World Championships from Holland, what does it feel like to be flying the flag for your country?

In one way its pretty cool that i’m the only one from Holland, but on the other hand i’d like to have more people from over here doing the racing!

You are the three times Pro Minibike British Champ which must make you  one of the favorites in the World Champs, does that give you added  pressure?

Until now I don’t have any pressure at all! Of course I think about it a lot, i’m going there for a podium! But i will live up to it like any other race! And i want to be part of the biggest pitbike event of the year.

Other than the UK and your home country have you raced anywhere else in  the World and what country do you see your biggest challengers coming from?

I raced in a lot of countries before i did pitbikes.  I raced in America for a few summers, but especially the last years with Gpcube we raced all over Europe, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, and Portugal. I think the fastest riders on a pitbike will still come from the France and the UK for this event.

Other rider’s have mentioned that the races in the UK are longer than elsewhere and will be the same length as the Minibike Champs, do you  feel this will give you and the other Minibike Champs racers an advantage?

The races in the UK are 12min + a lap, these are longer than most pitbikes races that’s for sure, but in Belgium they are 15min so I don’t think there will be much of advantage.  I think we do have some kind of advantage over the foreign riders because the MBC tour has been in Fatcats a few years now.

At the last round of the MBC at Mildenhall you suffered two DNF’s which as I understand are the only ones you have had in the MBC, have you sorted the problem?

Yes that was such a bad weekend, lost too many championship points there! We almost had a 100 heat races here in the MBC without any dnf’s due to a engine problem! The problem is solved and I know that my mechanic has done everything to prevent that from happening again!

What preparation have you been doing leading up to the World Champs?

My normal training routine, and extra for the last couple months. I don’t want to lose because I am not fit enough, I will make sure that wont be an issue.

With Fatcats being on the sandy side and you being from Holland this must be good news for you?

Everybody that know’s me, know’s that I love that track! It is my favorite on the series, and also because it kinda feels like home with the soil!

Who will be coming over to support you, and who do you have in your pit team?

My Dad, my girlfriend and our kids, and everybody from the Gpcube team! Also the riders that will be riding for Gpcube at this event.

What would it mean for you to be World Champion?

A lot! It would be a good end of my pitbike career in the UK since this is my last year,  and because the last World Champs I entered on a pitbike I suffered a torn muscle in my ankle in practice which ended my hopes for that event!

Here’s where you can thank your sponsors and those who help you;

I would like to thank Gpcube, Rob Geboers Suspension, Honeygrips, Progrip, Zite Goggles, Ryno Power, Backflips clothing, Maxxis tires, Charoen gym equipment, Un4seendecals, Tbparts, Cfxseats, Gve autobedrijf, DT1 air filters, Solid Suspension, Mom, Dad and Girlfriend i really appreciate all the support you guys!!

Where can we follow you on Social Media?
Instagram: vanhomoet1
facebook: frank van homoet#142