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by adminNovember 9, 2018

Here is some very Important breaking news from WOR Events on the MICHELIN TOUGH ONE 2019

Feature Image courtesy of CWL Photography

Entries have been open and coming in steady for a few weeks for the World-famous event but last week they where removed from the world of the internet whilst some big changes took place …. causing a stir with riders messaging in to WOR HQ asking, how do they enter and where has the event entry forms gone?? WELL…………

A few years ago, in fact a long time ago, back in 2010 The Tough One had a feature in the timetable of the day called the “Hot Lap” …This had the Pro riders do a timed to the second, individual lap of an extreme loop round the Famous Nantmawr Quarry. This sorted the qualifying start places on the grid out for the Pro’s starting order…Simple as that.

However The feedback from that “hot lap” was incredible and many, many times since folk have asked or recommended that the event may work better as a whole, as a Time Trial / Special Test event…..Lots stating that it was the best part of the day back in the 2010 event and that it was much better for the Spectators as they could see the riders in full flow and enjoy their speed and skill a bit more ….It’s something that Steve Ireland has been tossing around his Extreme Enduro brain for a good few years now….Modernising and changing the format of the event, evolving it into something different as the tried and tested Multi Lap event format has almost become a bit stale ..Slogging around the demanding quarry for 2.5 or 3hrs is not what the Riders really want and also becomes a bit mundane for the spectators as the “racing” element is usually over after an hour and half and the riders have settled into their race positions.

Some behinds the scenes logistics recently, have accelerated the progress of the MICHELIN TOUGH ONE EXTREME Enduro evolving…

So…. Steve and his WOR team are pleased and very excited to announce a mahoosive shake up and change to the event format for all Riders… The event now becomes the MICHELIN TOUGH ONE EXTERME ENDURO TT (time trial)

Same date, Same venue, same track type layout (smaller lap though) but due to the 2 bikes per minute accessing the course, this will allow for some gorgeous changes and modifications to the famous and iconic Nantmawr Quarry T1 Track. Spectators will be in for a treat. The riders should enjoy a lot more and the dulcet tones of Jack Burnicle will have lots more action to talk and shout out about to fans and spectators.

The event will cater for the Sportsman/Novice, Clubman and Vets in the Morning session, Followed by the Afternoon main event for the Experts and PRO riders, With David Knight and Graham Jarvis already confirmed, Steve Ireland will be confirming more top riders very soon..Danny McCanney and Joe Wootton where seen chatting with Steve at the recent Dirt Bike show ..Expect them there…

Riders can expect approx. 8 tests / laps each, with the Timed scores being added together to make the winner the one with the quickest times in their respective classes. The Famous MICHELIN Rider Bibs identifying the riders as they tackle the tricky course and do their best to set the bar time wise.

A special end to the day and proper treat for the Spectators will be “The DASH FOR CASH” …The top 6 pro riders on the day from the results of the TT will then go on to face one another in a 2 or 3 lap Race to finish the event off and win a fist full of dollars for their efforts.

It’s certainly a modern take and an evolution for the event that should deliver for both the rider and the spectator … Rider Entries are open now at www.worevents.com/events … The Spectator tickets / entry information will be out in December …

Rider numbers are limited for the morning event and Afternoon event due to the nature of the new format.

It’s all looking very exciting, fresh and new BUT this well-known saying from the event still applies…“Are You Tough Enough” …

WOR Events look forward to seeing you at the event…”


Should you wish NOT to take part in the event in it’s new format then please email ASAP to entries@worevents.com and let the team know…quoting your email address used for your payapl payment..They will then arrange a refund for you and with places being limited ..Every entry place will count. Massive thanks for this ..WOR admin. The cut off point for a refund is 10 days from now..The 15th November 2018.