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TED FLIES TO VICTORY! Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 1 – Race Report and Results

TED FLIES TO VICTORY! Lincolnshire Enduro Championships Round 1 – Race Report and Results


The people in charge of the weather don’t seem to play fair when it comes to LEC’s first event of each race season. In the first year’s race in 2017, the event saw nigh on impossible storm conditions. Some gazebo’s turned into sails and are still out there somewhere !! Last year, no racing took place at all due to major snowfall and the area being pretty much cut off from the rest of the UK.

Report by Martin Southwick – Images courtesy of Graeme Taylor Images

This year, (taking place at Ashby Puerorum once again and with sponsorship from Gear4 motorcycles) the conditions were once again challenging to say the least. Major rainfall the night before and then heavy showers and big winds during the race made for heavy (and cold) going. The club decided to make the “Mudfest” a straight through 3 hour challenge instead of the normal two 90 minute “dashes”. Pretty tough for a first outing after a long winters break but a lot of riders seem to favour it that way. The Clerk of the course also decided to cut out one or two of the field sections due to them being waterlogged. Drowning isn’t normally associated with bike racing! The gloopy conditions saw many riders fall by the wayside and indeed, only 50 or so of the 130 entrants managed to cross the line when the chequered flag went down after a full 3 hours of racing. Most guys seemed to enjoy it though and it’s a reminder of that old adage, “Just remember folks, it’s only kids having fun!”

Ted Bailey
on his way to a win in the Experts class

First to rack up points in this, the first East Midlands Centre race of the year, was Ted Bailey. Travelling up from the Midlands and representing the RAF Enduro Team, Ted and fellow rider David Rushton went over the line with exactly the same time to the second. By then though, Ted had notched up that all important extra lap over David to take maximum points.

The Clubman class was a little closer with Lee Bradie, edging out Scott Booth for the points win. Both these lads were on 14 laps, but Lee had got his nose in front by a few short minutes over the 3 hours race time. Equal on 12 laps we’re Jack Gabb and Jonathon Lister in the Sportsman 4T class with Jack taking top spot by some 7 minutes overall however. Last away from the start line but first across the finish line was Andy Jackson in his class. Andy beat Neil tapper who has had a long lay off from racing which all goes to prove it’s just as competitive in the “Elder statesmen” group as in any other.

In the Sportsman 2T class, the two guys at the top were very close going over the line together. However, Daniel Wheat had accrued an extra lap over youngster Ethan Champion as they passed under the chequered flag.

Last years overall champion Sam Followell
presents a cheque to the local rep of the Lincolnshire and
Nottinghamshire air ambulance service, Rosemary Mortlock French. This
money was raised by the club last year during their club presentation
and will go some way to keeping this vital service running. (Photo by
John Holmes)

In the over 40’s group, regular LEC rider Jules Croft managed 13 laps but was beaten by a single circuit by Darren Bedford. Kev Bartle (S), Ben Hampel and Shaun Avison all coaxed themselves and their trail/classic bikes through the mud to finish 1st/2nd and 3rd respectively. Fastest lap of the 4 mile course on the day was last years champion Sam Followell in a time of 10.45. (One for the statisticians amongst you. In total, over 900 laps were done on the day, a staggering sum of 3600 miles !)

LEC are always very appreciative of all helpers, marshalls, medical staff, time keepers etc for their part in any race. A special thank you should go out for last weekend though. Some riders may have been warm, the backroom “staff” will not have been!

The next race is on the 28th of April and sees the club venturing out of the county once more, to Butts quarry in Derbyshire. The quarry, whilst well known to some riders is a new venue for the club. Details of that race and anything else to do with the club can be found on the clubs web page >> Details

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Lee Bradie taking his own maximum points in the Clubman class.