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Strong Weekend Comes to Tough End for Chambers Racing Husqvarna

Strong Weekend Comes to Tough End for Chambers Racing Husqvarna


This weekend saw the Chambers Racing Husqvarna team competing at both the Michelin MX Nationals at Canada Heights, as well as at the MXGP of Loket in the Czech Republic.

Images courtesy of X-Cast Media

Competing on the home front was Tom Grimshaw in the MX2 class at the MX Nationals, while teammate Glenn McCormick joined youth rider Harvey Cashmore on the injured list with a broken shoulder. Out at the MXGP of Loket was Ben Franklin competing in the EMX Open class.

The weekend start ed with Tom claiming 12th fastest in the qualifying session on Saturday morning before the Pro MX2 riders competed against the Expert MX2 riders in both races. In the opening race Tom made a good start and rode strong to move up to 6th at the finish.

In the second race Tom was able to produce another great race to finish in 4th place after starting inside the top 10 at the beginning of the race. After the two races Tom was looking strong for being in contention for a podium.

Sunday morning saw the Pro MX2 line up against the Pro MX1 and Tom was hoping to continue the strong results in the final two races. The opening race on Sunday saw Tom get a good start with the rest of the front running MX2 riders and was able to battle all race long to secure a well-deserved 6th place finish.

Unfortunately, in the final race of the weekend Tom had a small crash on the first corner and then after remounting had another crash caused by a stone getting stuck in the chain and ending Tom race with a DNF.

The DNF in the final race ended a strong chance of a Overall podium and saw Tom slip to 8th overall and now sits 5th in the Championship standings and 64 points of the Championship lead.

Speaking after the race Tom Grimshaw commented; ‘On the Saturday I got a 6th in the first race and then a 4th second race but the riding was good, just needed better starts as they were holding me back. Then on Sunday we were back racing with the 450’s so a start was going to be harder. In the first race I got a good jump and got caught in the first turn crash so had to come from the back to get up to 6th which was ok but I felt that I was riding a bit tight. Then in the last race I was looking forward to it as the track was rough and some of the others were a bit tired. Unfortunately, I was taken down on the first turn so had to come through the pack and then on the 4th lap something happened and next thing I was flying in the air and crash heavy and knock myself about a bit. Lucky I was able to come away from the crash ok, but it turns out there was a rock in my chain, and it locked the back wheel up causing the crash, so it was nothing myself or the team could have done, but I’m just happy to not be too badly hurt.’

Speaking after watching Tom compete at Canada Heights, Team Owner Tim Chambers commented; ‘I was here on the Saturday but Tom had two good rides for 6th and 4th and it a podium position. Then today he has another 6th place in the opening race and was looking good and strong. Then in the last race Tom had an off at the start and then another crash a few laps in that was caused by a stone in the chain and spat him off and caused a DNF. So from a good start we ended with an unfortunate finish but apart from that it was positive weekend and we move onto the next event.’

MXGP of Loket
Meanwhile at the MXGP of Loket, Ben Franklin was contesting the EMX Open for the second week running. Saturday morning saw Ben out on track for the Free Practice and Time Qualifying session where he struggled to get a feel for the track, but was still able to qualify for the main races in 37th position.

In the opening race Ben was clipped by another rider on the start and went down in the first turn. After remounting Ben made it back up to 30th when he was taken out by another rider once more and had to recover to 30th at the finish.

In the second race Ben made it around the first turn safely but then hit a bike that crashed ahead of him and remounted in last position. Ben then spent the whole race charging forward to finish in 24th place but just missing out on the points.

After the weekend Ben said; ‘In practice and qualifying I was struggling with the track as it wasn’t something that I was used to, but I managed to qualify for the main races in 37th. In the first race I had a good jump but the rider next to me caught his handlebar on my arm and we went down in the first turn. Then I got back up to 30th when I was taken out by another rider and ended the race in 30th. Second race I made a decent sent and made it around the outside but then hit a bike that went down ahead of me as I had nowhere to go. So from dead last I made it up to 24th at the end. The riding is going ok but I just need so luck and to stay out of trouble on the first lap, but it’s all a good learning curve’.