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Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club announce 2019 dates including outdoor Supercross event!

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club announce 2019 dates including outdoor Supercross event!

by adminOctober 11, 2018

The Steel Hawk Motorcycle club who promoted and ran their first ever meeting in August this year, with their “Rock it ’til Sundown” mid week Motocross classic down in Dorset, are going all out in 2019 with three dates announced including a Supercross event at the Cusses Gorse circuit in Wiltshire. 

Images courtesy of Nuno Laranjiera

Rock it ’til Sundown is back for another year after it’s huge success this year, as well as an event at the end of the summer intriguingly called the Big Weekender.

Jeff Perrett of the Steel Hawk club, revealed the clubs plans via their facebook page and here is what he said:

“Right then you beautiful people, we’ve made a decision on our plans for 2019 and here they are. We’re going to be running three events for next year. Following on from the success of our inaugural ‘Rock it til Sundown’ event at Tincleton we’ll again be running that and taking it up a notch with a few changes to make it better, like improved viewing areas and more vibrancy.

Our second event will be a summer Supercross over two nights at Cusses Gorse. It’s something we’ve also wanted to do for sometime and Justin Barclay shares our vision, so he’ll be tweaking the SX track in the middle of the MX track to suit all levels and we’ll be bringing in floodlights and doing it right.

The third event will a more traditional motocross over two or maybe three days. Hopefully at an exciting new venue we’re looking into down here on the South Coast. This will wrap up our three events for 2019 in style and the ‘Triple Crown’ title which will go the rider who has accumulated the most points over the three events. We’ve yet to officially name the two new events but will do so very shortly. In the meantime pencil these dates in your calendar.

Steel Hawk Summer SX – Cusses Gorse – Friday 26th/ Saturday 27th July

Rock it ’til Sundown – Tincleton – Wednesday 7th August

Steel Hawk Big Weekender – TBC – Friday 30th/ Saturday 31st Aug/ Sunday 1st September

They’ll be plenty more information to follow over the coming weeks, in the meantime if you’ve got an questions or ideas just get in touch and we’ll do our very best to answer them for you.

After the incredible support we got for our inaugural Rock it ’til Sundown event from both riders and spectators it was what motivated us to add these two new events. All three of our events will be different in format and stand alone events and not a championship. They’ll be no championship prizes other than the Triple Crown title.

Right, that’s it…for now. It’s out there, we’re doing this and we’re doing well. The Triple Crown in on. Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club is ready to make summer ’19 a fun one, full of memories and good times for everyone to share. Get busy, getting livin’ and remember folks……’Keep on rocking in the free world!’ – Jeff”

For more info visit the clubs Facebook page: