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Steel Hawk flying high for 2019! Supercross, Mid Week and Big Weekender!

Steel Hawk flying high for 2019! Supercross, Mid Week and Big Weekender!

by adminOctober 16, 2018

Following the success of their inaugural ‘Rock it ’til Sundown’ event this year the Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club have announced their plans for 2019.

The Wednesday evening ‘Rock it ’til Sundown’ event will be running again at the same venue and again will be offering up superb prizes for all classes from 65cc upwards and the big money prize purse for the Pro and Adult A riders. The very impressive ‘Bob Lewis Trophy’ will again be up for grabs for the pro class winner. This year’s champion Elliott Banks Browne will be doing his very best to make sure it returns to his mantlepiece.

Steel Hawk MCC are now also adding two new events to make a ‘Triple Crown’ title. The first will be a summer Supercross event helps over two nights at Cusses Gorse MX track. The final event will a more traditional motocross event over a long weekend to finish off, what will hopefully be a great summer, where the ‘Triple Crown’ champion will be crowned. As Steel Hawk’s founding member Jeff Perrett explains;

“Rock it ’til Sundown’ was a real success that to be honest, we didn’t really expect. We threw it out there with little preparation really, we only decided to go for it about six weeks before the event and the level of support from riders and people coming out to watch was a bit overwhelming. So we’re excited to be running that again and have nearly a whole year to prepare and improve it.

“Our vision was always to do a ‘Triple Crown’ and now we’re going to do it. Like I’ve said before this has been on my mind for over 10 years. We really didn’t want to have three events the same though. We want to have three stand alone events that are all different in format and that people can enter and attend on their own merit. I’ve always wanted to do summer evening Supercross and Paul (Oughton) and Julie (Coyne) luckily feel the same. I can remember the Matchams Supercross series like it was yesterday and they were great days. So we spoke to Justin Barclay about doing it at Cusses Gorse because it was a no brainer. He builds the Arenacross tracks, already has a SX track at Cusses and obviously we got him in to revamp Tincleton. Justin is on the same page as us too so we’re excited to working together to lay on a great two nights of racing under the spotlights on a summer evening.

“For the third and final event we’re looking at a new venue which hopefully we’ll be able to announce soon. Our vision is to have a really cool, chilled out ‘Big Weekender’ on a more traditional, old school style track. If we can secure this venue we’ll be able to design a really nice, flowing motocross track with good dirt. We’re looking at running it over three days of racing so everyone can get plenty of track time at a chilled out pace, and by that I don’t me on track because we want to see people shredding! We’ll look to get some live music on the go and that camp fire vibe to celebrate our sport and the friendships it brings and crown the ‘Triple Crown’ champion in style.

“We’re going to work hard on this and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people behind us who share our vision. Particularly Jason and Clair Lewis and their family for investing into our inaugural ‘Rock it ’til Sundown’ event through their company C.J.T to offer up such a generous prize purse and off course the fabulous ‘Bob Lewis Trophy’. I’m please to say that they’re right behind us going forward and we’re aiming high along with our other partners. We obviously have to finalise a few things but we wanted to let people know our plans as early as we could. We’ll have plenty of cool stuff to announce as we go along and we’ll be opening up entries to the events as soon as we can, so keep an eye on our social media pages. We’re all excited and genuinely looking forward to pulling all this together.”

Steel Hawk Motorcycle Club – 2019 Events

“Airbourne Gunner” Summer SX – Friday 26th/ Saturday 27th – Cusses Gorse MX Track, Salisbury

“Rock it ’til Sundown” Summer MX Classic – Wednesday 7th August – Tincleton, Dorchester

“Old Skool Cool/ Big Weekender” – Friday 30th / Saturday 31st August / Sunday 1st September